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    Has anyone on ALS made there own methane digester and collector to run there gas stove. I am thinking of doing this for several reasons, one so I don’t have to pay the odd $120 every time for gas. Also we have animals and veggies scraps that could go towards making our own and it does not matter if they run out of gas.

    Like to hear from anyone that has a working model.



    Methane…………..are you inthane? Only joking! Been dying to use that line!



    Good question grumpy3 – I’m looking forward to hearing from anyone that’s done it as well. All those horse/chook/dog/cat and husband farts and manure going to waste. The daughter tells me she doesn’t produce methane or any other sort of gas whatsoever and me being her mum and also female and I like to think a lady, believe her 😉


    Gday grumpy3,

    Looked at doing a digester a while back, I decided that timber (fallen) based fire was a lot less work, safer and easier. Or biggest gas use is hot water. We use a solar preheater for the gas at the moment and am looking at plumbing in a chip heater to take up the slack in winter.

    I know I am off topic, Sorry.

    I hope you get off the gas

    Cheers Pinetree.


    This is a third-hand report – maybe worse – so treat it with extreme caution.

    My guide on an industries tour of Norfolk Island commented that the chief cook at a piggery which had been reclaiming methane found it very difficult to use and was going back to bottles. I don’t know if the trouble was an inappropriate stove, inexperience, problems with the digester, or something else completely. Or if the guide had the story completely upside down 🙂 I just tucked the story away in the back of my mind to check out later if it seemed relevant.

    Good luck



    OOOOhhh boy!!! If I could bottle the amount my Husband produces!!! I’d sell it and become extremely rich! 😆 As for cooking with it??? I think I’d rather not! 😀 😆


    I have no first hand experience but while in Tanzania last year I visited a fellow who was using it to cook on. His set up consisted of 3 cows which he kept penned with a cement floor in the yard. All the urine and manure drained into a large hole in the ground which has also been cemented and had a well fitting lid on it. The hole seemed to be about 6 feet deep. He would periodically lift the lid and give it all a bit of a stir. This is what he said at least as I did not see him do that but there was a large stick nearby that looked as if that part of the story was true. There was a thin copper (I believe)pipe running from the top of the tank into the house. He has a one ring burner and 1 light running from it. There was no smell….at least in the house..but even near the tank there was no smell. They keep the cattle in a pen and gather grass to feed them as their land plots are too small to allow them to graze an animal and also grow vegetables and fruit. If this does not help, I at least hope it is interesting info. Chris

    edited because of the poor spelling


    Among other projects I have decided to start collecting the gear to make a methane digester. At the end of the exercise I hope to be able to run my gas stove on what is produced. :tup:



    I was going to suggest connecting a tube to Mrs Wombat, but if she ever got on here, I’d be toast!:lol:



    Biogas is used a lot in India, China and many other countries too. You just need a stable source of fresh dung to keep it running. I visited farms in North Korea that had them and used the gas for cooking.

    A quick search on the net gives a number of drawings:

    There are also a number of good books around on the topic.

    If you go ahead, please give us a detailed manual !!!



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