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Considering rabbits as a meat source

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    I’ve been reading up on breeding and keeping rabbits for meat, but not having any luck in finding any. Which is funny since they’re meant to breed like rabbits! There doesn’t seem to be any sort of list or registry for rabbit breeders that have them for meat.

    Oh there’s plenty of resources around for “pet” rabbits, but they won’t be pets, lol.

    Looking to get my hands on a doe and a buck, New Zealands if I can. I’m near Perth, in WA. Anyone doing/done this and can suggest anywhere I could get my hands on a pair? Or for that matter, is anyone a breeder here?

    — Cass


    I had trouble too looking for and finding meat rabbits, in the end I took what I could get, a trio of Flemish Giants. Most breeders don’t seem to want their rabbits to end up on the dinner plate, they just refuse to sell to you if they think the rabbits are even going to be bread for meat.

    I am looking at even getting a few more does in a couple other breeds, New Zealand and the Californian and crossing them to see how well they put on the meat.

    I’m still waiting for my first lot to reach breeding age but I should have my first lot ready in spring.


    I work on weekends with a guy who’s parents raise and slaughter meat rabbits on a fairly big scale (200odd a week from memory!). Except I’m in Victoria, so a fair way from both. I can ask him on the weekend if there’s some sort of contact in each state.

    Can you find any butchers that stock rabbit meat? Perhaps through them you can find their suppliers/ breeders and source a breeding pair?

    I just did a google “meat rabbits WA” and there’s quiet a few that came up for sale on some sites, such as… the add is old, but the breeder could have more rabbits on the way?


    Iduna: That would be my biggest hurdle over here… the idea of eating rabbits for their meat doesn’t seem to even factor into the minds of West Aussies. If breeders even catch wind of the fact that I’m considering putting them in my pot they flip. That, and the majority of rabbits I’ve seen over here have exactly been good meat.

    Good luck with yours, I’d love to hear how it works out for you. If only to reassure my husband that I’ve not gone completely mental 😛

    Fozzie: That’d be great if you could find out 🙂 I’ve noticed on Aussie Traders that there seems to be a lady down in Bunbury as well as the one you listed who breeds New Zealands, but I don’t know if that was a once off or how frequent that would be.

    I’ve done a search for organisations, but they’re all pet-related and as Iduna said, breeders would probably kick up a bit if they found out that I wanted to breed for meat!

    My local butcher stocks rabbits, I’ll ask him next time I head in.



    hope this helps , am sure these guys ship everywhere (as long as its legal, ie not qld))

    this is their site

    and this may have info that is useful for you

    i have pet/show rabbits but was also thinking of meat rabbits.

    cheers Kate


    There doesn’t appear to be any restrictions into WA 🙂



    Hiya Annean,

    I can help you with getting a great supply of NZ Whites for breeding. I’ve got some does which I breed for meat and am really happy with the outcome. I am in Serpentine, so let me know if you need any help/contacts.


    That would be fantastic! Thanks 😀


    Fozzie, can you tell me where abouts in Victoria you can work, as I have considered rabbits as a meat source before and would like to know in the future where to go.


    Gardenaholic, I work weekends milking cows in West Gippsland. But the guy I milk with has parents with meat rabbits. I can find out where his parents source them from if you wish. Although recently they had a lot wiped out due to myxo or something else being spread around due to the humid weather recently.

    I can’t imagine they’d be too hard to source in Victoria as when I was at high school, in agriculture we had an ‘enterprise’, some people raised some meat rabbits.

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