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    I My husband is on another job move which means school number 4 for my daughter (grade 1) and with at least one other move on the agenda and the difficulty in finding an appropriate school where we are going I am this close to home schooling.

    have spent the last 2 days surfing the net only to come up bleary eyed about home schooling here in Vic. Can anyone tell me if I can get a set course like in LD here or do I have to re-invent the wheel? Also can I just do it or do I need to call someone or fill in a form – the govt sites are sooooo confusing!

    Any help greatly greatly appreciated!:confused:


    i heard on bush telegraph (radio national) that the vic laws have jsut changed so that all you need to do is tell them that you’re homeschooling. sorry, that’s all i can offer. i’m in nsw.

    the programme was podcast, so should still be available.

    have a look at the old threads in homeschooling because there are some links there that could help you.

    good luck



    Hi chickenwhisperer

    When I first started the more I read the more confused I got especially with the government sites. The laws have changed or are in the process of changing but I am not sure how. Have you tried ringing a homeschooling group they might be able to steer you in the right direction with reagrds to the laws in Victoria. HEA has a list of contacts.

    I used when I first started they put together a curriculum for you and are very helpful with lots of great advice. There at Wyndham Vale not sure how far that is from you but maybe you can get there and have a good look at what they have.They are a great place to start if you are feeling unsure about it all and they are reasonably priced so you wont be spending a lot of money on things that dont really work for your child.

    Another place where you can get help and cheap books from is lots of homeschoolers chatting and you can swap, sell or buy anything that you are finshed with or wanting to buy.

    All the best



    Hi chickenwhisperer!

    Slow down!! Don’t read too much, it’s very overwhelming!

    Take a look at: – particularly this page:

    Regarding curriculum, making it up yourself isn’t as hard as it sounds! But contacting someone like in the meantime will help you try out a prepared curriculum without much expense. I also recommend contacting other homeschoolers nearby and checking out what they do with their six year olds, before you splash out and buy too much (a very common ‘mistake’ of beginner homeschoolers)…

    There are other homeschooling threads on this site, which may answer a few of your questions.

    Good luck!

    Bel (homeschooling six children in Qld)


    Thanks to all who responded and helped me out greatly – mostlyby calming me down!! It has been a huge step for us but we’ve done it.We’ve begun home schooling! W went to the school to get D6’s stuff/books and to say goodbye. Must admit this felt a little weird. She is however loving home schooling. I’ve noticed both children ask more questions already and even though still quite young understand that they must spend some of their day doing work. The biggest difference I’ve noticed is that they are just generally way happier than they have ever been. Their confidence levels also seem to be on the incline. With only 2 weeks under our belts – it’s a big tick from us!!

    I was also wondering – D4 seems to come in and out of being interested in “work”.- is this normal for this age. I don’t push too much because I think we do about a zilliion more than she was doing at kinder. Also she doesn’t have great pencil/cutting control – which is of course important for writing. She unlike her sister isn’t that interested in drawing/creating etc so I’m struggling to get her to do some of the “exercises”. Any ideas – or should I relax and wait for it to happen?

    Have a great day all!!!!!:D


    hi chickenwhisperer. we’re into our 3rd week of homeschooling too and also loving it. i’d say that a 4yo would be constantly learning, even if playing make-believe. learning through play and stories would probably be your best bet at that age.

    my son (6yo) has fairly sloppy handwriting, but i’m not too concerned about it because he’s a boy and so i think hardwired to not really care about that kind of thing.

    swinging on ropes and monkey bars etc is a good start for strenthening fingers and hands and will eventually lead to improved control. i’m sure she’d rather be at the park anyway!

    good luck



    Thanks for the feedback Redhen! I think my first key learning is to RELAX!!!! Don’t push too hard. Have a great day!!:lol:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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