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Concrete slab/s in Chooken houses

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    some of the fences at work are being replaced with the solid bar type ones

    went and spoke to the contractor, I now have a stack of preloved cyclone fencing in my backyard πŸ™‚

    be nice if I could find some slabs as well


    Free fencing that’s fantastic


    I use pallets πŸ™‚ free from the backs of some industries πŸ™‚ I have cut them to size, and have them sorted nicely so that there arn’t any gaps in between, and where there are gaps between the slats on the top of one pallet, I have covered it with a little salon cloth so that protects their feet. Poo is cleaned out on a daily basis, so that they’re not sitting or resting in or near it, as 3 of my 4 chookies were ex battery hens.

    Their run is dirt, but they get let out of there for a couple of hours each day, and complain bitterly if they arn’t.

    I have a suspended feed bin thingy, so that they don’t have too much food in there, but my main problem is the stupid doves!!!! I have to send the dog out to find her “squeaky” (toy, not birds!!! she won’t touch the birds cause she knows better!) just to run around and scare them out of the pen… I think it costs me more to feed the doves than it does the chooks!!! :angry:

    IF I get any mice/rats, I bait them with a box of bait right up under the corner of one of the pallets, wrapped in a plastic bag, and it always works. the Chooks can’t get at it either, and I don’t have any major problems at this stage with rodents :tup:


    Pallets are a great idea. You can pull one pallet apart and use it to fill gaps on the other one. I just have dirt floor but where they sleep is enclosed on 3 sides with a roof so it stays dry. I use barley straw which is soft and fluffy and when thrown around their enclosure, it helps to keep things a bit drier.


    I have a heavy iron and galvanised mesh type chookhouse which sits on big pavers. The pavers extend 6 inches outside the walls of the coop – to rule out burrowing. My girls are free range all day – they go into the coop at nightfall and are let out 6am daily. The paver floor is covered with hysorb (or even grass clippings when I run out of the good stuff) – pen cleaning takes minutes. An advantage of the pavers was when I moved the coop from one side of the yard to the other – still heavy lifting but after an afternoon’s work the coop was relocated without too much stress.


    Concrete floors also break the stick fast flea breeding cycle or so I have been told, so I use 2nd hand concrete pavers under the chook roosts.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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