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Concrete slab/s in Chooken houses

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    Who here does or doesnt have concrete on the floor in the chooken houses?

    Ive been reading and I read somewhere that having concrete in the chooken house floor may keep mice/rats out.

    Im more concerned with my chookens having wet, muddy feet :laugh: my backyard turns into a wet sticky muddy yukky yard, and I wanted somewhere for them to have dry feet and to prevent any bigger creatures tunneling into the house.

    Anyhow, I thought, concrete slabs, but at $11 each, Id need 9 to do the bottom of my chooken house, its way tooo many dollars for chookens :faint:

    do chookens need a dry area for their footsies?

    If so, what else could I consider to put down.

    Judi BJudi B

    We had concrete floors in the chook house when I was a kid and it made it so much easier to clean under the perches we used saw dust and grass clippings to cover the floor then once a week clear it out replace and you could compost it all… but we didn’t compost it just threw it in the banana patch.


    Wheeen DH gets time, we are putting cement floors in the chook pens for those exact reasons (above). The dirt floor gets muddy/sloshy when it rains coz it’s lower than the surrounding area, it will be easier to clean and we will dig down and cement about 12-18″ around the edge to stop the nasties burrowing under the slab. It won’t stop the mice/rats going into the shed for the grain but at least they won’t be living under the floor.


    What about a raised chook shed? We are about to use an old cubby house on stilts so they have shelter underneath & the rats & mice won’t burrow. The floor is wooden, so will eventually rot, I assume, but that would take a long time if we clean out & replenish the straw bedding regularly.


    this is what Im using for a chook house, the cage, and will build a run off it


    We have a concrete floor in our chook house, the runs are dirt and do get sloshy when it rains, at least they have somewhere to go that is dry to roost. Hadn’t really considered concreting the runs but that would solve the problem, or I guess concrete slabs could be used, we put straw/hay whatever we can get hold of in the runs but when we have lots of wet weather I worry about the health of the birds as it quickly becomes smelly.

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    Hi FL.. I have pens with concrete and I have dirt pens.. personally I prefer the dirt pens.

    Nothing will keep rats out!

    To keep you chooks feet high and dry.. deep litter is the go. Put in a very thick layer of whatever.. hay, wood shavings etc.. what ever you can get cheaply 🙂

    ETA.. Sorry FL I called you chooken, I musta been reading with those other eyes 😉

    John and ZoeJohn and Zoe

    Hi froot loopz

    I’ve used concrete slabs for the chook house and put a slurry of cement over them. It won’t keep rats and mice out but will prevent foxes and and things from burrowing up from under the shed.




    We have concrete on our chook pen floor, with a layer of aviary wire underneath it. We use lawn clippings, sawdust, leaves in authumn, and straw over it and our chooks have dry feet and so far, no rats!!


    we’ve got recycled pavers in house, dirt in the runs. keep an eye on freecycle or other recycle places and you should be able to get enough for a lot less than $100!


    yep, looking for recycled ones

    went somewhere today hoping theyd have them but they didnt


    Our chook house and pen are still ‘under construction’ but there is a photo on another thread about what does your chook house look like that shows that the chook house is raised up off the ground made out of an old hardwood fence and the pen will be on dirt with wire underneath to keep out any nasties. We’ll try to get some old lino or something like it to put in the house to make it easier to clean and then put a bed of straw etc on top of that.


    thanks mistyhollows, Ive taken a look at that thread.

    the chooken house is on hold indefinitely till I find the money for concrete slabs or find second hand ones much cheaper


    froot_loopz I remember as a kid making up concrete slabs. We’d make a square timber frame up and then fill it with concrete. You could make them whatever size you wanted doing that. Probably need some plastic underneath the frame so the cement slab would be easier to get off the ground but you could almost use some quickset concrete mix. Some of the more handier types on als could possibly point you in the right direction.


    Come to think of it, we didn’t buy the slabs already made. DH laid the aviary wire down and then poured wet concrete over it. He did make some sort of ‘dints’ with a thin plank, to make it easier if we ever have to break it up, so it looks like concrete pavers. rat prrof (so far) and easy to clean.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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