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Compost tea from Fire Weed

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    Can I use Fireweed (Senecio madagascariensis) in my compost tea?? I know Fireweed is high in Alkaloids and is harmful to livestock and, indeed, people.

    Do the alkaloids break down in the tea?? I’m angling at not putting Fireweed tea on my edibles. However compost tea is such a good way of breaking down weeds and their seeds, I’m loathe to rid myself of Fireweed other ways!

    Any thoughts??


    I am not sure of the answers to your questions but trial and error may be the answer using only fireweed on non edibles and slowly mixing with other weed teas to see how things grow before using in the veg garden.


    why not call or email the weed control authority in your state or

    ph 1800 680 244


    To be honest I wouldnt risk the seeds surviving. I have pulled out young plants and left them on top of the grass only to find a few weeks later they have grown a long root back into the ground. At present my control methods include a bi daily walk around the 3 acres and hand pull any out. They are then solarised and then put in the wheelie bin. I hate the stuff. If only grass grew as well as it does in such poor conditions.


    Porgey – yeah, am going down this line of thinking! Skipping the edibles for the time being.

    Mountain Living – thanks, will give the number a call and ask a few questions.

    Girl Friday – yeah there is a risk the seeds will survive, however I’m lead to believe a good, hard ferment kills off the seeds. Will ask the DPI when I give them a call!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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