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    Has anyone gardened like this book? I downloaded it from Health and Soil library for free. Haven’t been gardening for a couple of years but am getting back into it this year. My veggie garden area will be well and truly rested and is sitting under straw this winter. Am going to try this system as have done the raised beds and want to try something different.
    Any experience in “row” gardening from anyone would be appreciated.


    I downloaded this book as curious to see what you meant. My first thought was that’s a lot of spinach lol. Also that is a lot of seed to sow, and I think a defined path better so I think there are easier way to grow by rows.It sounded feasible though and if you go ahead with it would like to know your progress.

     This year I am trying something new also .Google Mittleider Method and see.There are lots of you tube videos too  by LDS Prepper, which helps. Its American and doesn’t relate fertilizer wise to Australia, with their weekly feed.

     I like this system but not the chemicals so am going organic, as I always have, but it was the soil beds  NOT soil boxes of 18 inches wide that I liked, similar to market gardening I see locally. Easier for weed clearing with a hoe

      I am doing my own version as I am converting a cottage type garden of all shapes into straight rows more or less. Although in saying that I have always done small rows, but we are adding a self watering system, similar above ground but not the same so we can travel for 2 weeks at a time. I also liked the idea of growing up string so we have put in 3 star pickets about 2 metres apart and topped it with a hard plastic garden stake from which I am going to do climbing beans, cucumbers and tomatoes. The shade of all these will fall onto a path, where as other beds will have low growing things.

    None of this makes sense really until you have a look.


    Have checked out the Mittleider system and seems quite good. I have been thinking because our soil dries out a lot during the summer of putting straw 30cm deep under the rows (I did this last year with corn and hardly had to water them at all). But these in soil beds would be far better I am thinking as they have the ridges. I like the watering system I might try a version of this as I water our garden from tanks and they work on gravity as the garden is downhill from the tanks. One of the videos on LDS prepper was about the fertilizer they use and it is organic fertilizer. I remember in 2001 I did a “horticulture course” at our local Community House, we were given a sheet of which plants contain which minerals and I remember that between Stinging Nettle and Comfrey all the minerals were covered. I have both growing in my yard so I should make up a tea and use that as fertilizer. Not sure if I would apply it weekly though.

    I have grown up string before and do most years for tomatoes, cucumbers etc. it is much easier than using stakes.

    Thanks for your comments, I am re-thinking how I am doing my garden this year.


    I went from raised vegie beds to planting a flat area to reduce evaporation during drought only to have flooding rains that waterlogged everything. I am now back to raised beds. I do  sow mustard or edible chrysanthemum as early winter sowings and cut them down to plant. Both are root knot nematode suppressants and good for salad or stir fry as well. Much the same as a green manure crop only with shorter standing period. I deep litter my chooks and compost for fertiliser as well as keeping worms and black soldier flies. I have a wood stove in winter and collect the ash and charcoal and use this as well. I also collect horse manure from a neighbour. All my weeds go into bins and are soaked in water for 2 months and added back. I have looked at some of the yields from the Mittleider system and been tempted but worry about long term run off impacts of the high fertiliser loads.


    Well I have done one bed about 50cm wide by 2.4m long and I dug out one shovel depth of soil, put straw under it and then formed a bed of soil on top of this. Then I did two rows 50cm apart as according to the book. I planted the two rows with spinach and left straw over them. Have just got back from holiday with kids and grandkids and the chooks have scratched up half of the seeds i planted of spinach (that will teach me not to finish the fence before planting). I am just tempted to go back to raised bed, but I will still do one area of the garden according to the book and see how it goes.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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