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    can you preserve/put jams into those coffee jars that have the heavy glass lids with the plastic seal bits?

    if not, what could they be used for? I have a whole heap of them sitting in the top of the pantry not being used



    jams ok a layer of paraffin wax or for short term storage,wax paper if you can still get it

    pickles ok, i use clip lock jars for onions and beetroot, zuccs and cues, after the first month, these jars are opened and closed till the contents are gone, so coffee jars can suffice

    they are not suitable for pasteurization, which requires a vacuum seal!


    I’m just using these as pantry jars for flours and stuff. They are nicer then my baby formula tins 😛


    I’d steer well clear of using them for any kind of preserves that would normally require water bath treatment – they just don’t seal.

    However, I have loads of them in my pantry filled with dried herbs, herbal teas, even coffee and sugar. Dried fruits and all sorts of pantry things would go very well in them.

    Just remember if you are using them for herbs, that they will need to be stored inside a cupboard rather than out on the bench, as sunlight can destroy some of the flavours of herbs.

    You could also cover each jar in a peice of fabric or even coloured cellophane to block the light – would make a pretty kitchen display that way.


    I doubt that they are heat safe somehow:shrug:


    They dont seal so shouldnt be used for anything requiring that. They make fantastic storage jars and also make great jars for food gifts or things like homemade salt scrubs etc. I use mine in the pantry cupboard and love them.


    i use lots in my pantry but for dry goods rather than preserves. they dont seal (learnt by experience) enough to keep preserves fresh. anything else though works a treat!


    We use them for chillis and onions preserved in vinegar with a dash of sugar. No waterbath.


    I use them in the pantry for dry goods. The’re also good storage for jigsaw pieces and board game pieces.

    I have a few cupboards with the shelves tailor made to fit the jars I have.:lol:


    Hi Ravyk :wave:

    You can safely use the jars for preserving.


    There is an online supplier that supplies replacement lids for many jars and they allow you to re-seal safely, although not suitable for canning due to the high pressures involved.

    I can get Scarecrow to tell me the URL, otherwise google it.

    preservedingly yours

    Doc 😉


    Hey Doc, I don’t think Ravyk is talking about twist top jars. Coffee jars with glass lids, I think must be Moccona jars, and they can’t be used for hot water bath, or pressure canning.


    i use these jars as storage too.

    herbal teas, tea bags, coffee, carob, cocoa, coconut, rice flour, arrowroot etc.

    I keep cotton tips and cotton wool balls in them as well. CHalk for kids to use.

    Also use them as gifts – I make up the dry ingredients in the bottom and pop the trimmings (choc chips or whatever) in the top and print the recipe stating what wet ingredients to add and glue it on the side. We even did anzac biscuits – layering the different ingredients for effect and popping the bicarb in the top. They went to teachers at school one christmas with green and red ribbon tied around:)


    narelleh, what a fantabulous idea! Awesome! You’re very clever… 😀

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