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Coconut oil – where to find bulk amounts in Melbourne?

Home Forums HOMEMADE Soaps and soapmaking Coconut oil – where to find bulk amounts in Melbourne?

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    What is the difference between refined and virgin coconut oil? Just looking for a cheaper alternative and although the Auroma 5lt coconut oil makes a beautiful bar of soap it is alot more expensive than the one offered by Robyn’s.


    Virgin Coconut Oil is unrefined and has a delicious coconut aroma. Sadly, when one makes soap with Virgin Coconut Oil, the natural scent of the oil doesn’t make it through to the soap. Robyn’s refined coconut oil makes great soap.

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    Here is an explanation of what refined & unrefined coconut oil is.. from the coconut oil guru, Dr Bruce Fife 🙂


    The un-refined virgin type is yummo and sooooooooooo good for me. :tup:

    I use it as a hair conditioner too, also as a face and body moisturiser. :tup:

    Thanks for link Hummers, all good info is grist to the mill. :clap:



    Hi, i have found the best price for virgin coconut oil is through their product is the banaban label. Very good service and quick and good price freight. Another place I buy from is and then go to online shopping. New directions also have websites for different countries. Cheers 🙂


    If it’s being used for soap, the cheapest I have found is Indian grocers. It’s not organic though, but I don’t think coconuts really get sprayed anyway.


    Oh I ended up emailing the address on the RBD drums I’d been getting from interstate and got it shipped to me directly from the importer in the end. Had to buy 16 20L pails though. I’m not trying to offload it particularly but if anyone is local to me your welcome to pick up a pail for $70.


    I want to make the point that both “Cherish” and “coconutisking” only have one post, and it was made to this particular discussion. Both are making recommendations I encourage others to do their research on first.

    Refined coconut oil has it’s downsides to human health when consumed.

    I compare it to eating unadulterated animal fat or eating trans fats? The latter certainly tastes better, so much so it can be addictive – but is that ultimately healthy?


    There are differences between refined and extra virgin coconut oil, when it comes to consuming internally as a product. Read here.

    For anyone who was wondering, the article coconutisking is quoting, comes from here.

    If it’s just for external use, then refined coconut oil may be acceptable, but do read the research if considering consuming internally, in large amounts.

    I’m in the process of looking for (EV) coconut oil suppliers in my area of SE Qld, so nowhere near Melbourne sorry. :blush:


    I’m a little embarrassed, as I’ve just realised this thread is over 7 months old.


    Metu post=350412 wrote: I’m a little embarrassed, as I’ve just realised this thread is over 7 months old.

    Gee, that went quickly. :shrug:

    Try eBay for your virgin coconut oil Metu. 🙂


    I do plan to check Ebay (are there Australian sellers or are they based overseas) but I’ve got to do my research with local suppliers first. That way I can compare what’s the best deal. I imagine large quantities (as I’m looking for 2-5 litres) would come with heavy freight, which can make postage a bit expensive.

    Thanks for the suggestion though. 🙂

Viewing 12 posts - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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