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Citrus Trees in Adelaide

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    I found this guy that apparently sells them at the Gepps X Markets as well, he sells little grafted citrus trees for $10 from the back of a ute in front of his house.

    He lives on the Northern end of Green St, Brompton, just off Chief St.

    I thought this might help people interested, apparently his sign says the Cheapest Citrus trees in Adelaide 😀

    I can’t remember them all, but he had Meyer/Lisbon Lemons (I bought a Meyer from him), Tahitian Lime, Mandarins, Cumquats and he was also asking me if I wanted an Olive tree.




    I caught him at Gepps Cross market last Sunday, as I’m looking for a new passionfruit vine, but he didn’t have any 🙁 He has good healthy trees, and he’s been at the market for the last few years that I’ve been going, so he’s not a “fly by night” seller. Good to know where to find him if you can’t get to the market, thanks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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