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chronic urticaria/hives in adult

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    Thanks Learning and E.

    I’m finding it difficult to tip all the cordial down the drain. It’s a bit like giving up smoking I guess.

    E. I think you’re on to something there about protein and fat. I do much better on that regime too. Now giving up chocolate – that will be difficult. And spices and relishes. I’ll look into the Chinese doctor you recommended. I’m glad your’re feeling better with the ‘palo’ eating style. I’ll see if the library has that book

    I’ve got the Fail safe shopping list. Do you know any brands of bread that you can buy at IGA which are preservative free. I have noticed when I eat the rye bread from the local bakery I feel tired

    Thanks once again



    Me too E! Isn’t it strange when you realise there’s chocolate sitting in the cupboard, and you don’t even want it! Even better, dd’s lollies from the show have done stale in the cupboard, untouched. She just forgot about them.

    I’m taking Green Pasture’s Blue Ice Royal, and I’ve also added a probiotic because I haven’t worked my way up to all the fermented stuff. I make our yogurt, but I have too much other stuff in my head to start making sauerkraut atm. I should be making kombucha shouldn’t I 😉


    I should be making kombucha shouldn’t I [Wink]


    I was addicted to the kombucha, but my system has settled down now, and I can take it in sensible quantities. Same with the butter and cream. At first I was eating the raw cream by the tub, but now I am not so in need of its goodness. 😆

    Now giving up chocolate – that will be difficult.

    But I haven’t given up chocolate!! That’s the thing! I have simply added the fat and protein and the rest has taken care of itself. Trust me!

    I can loan you some books and I can come up there and tip the cordial out for you if ya like!!!!! :tongue:

    The books I recommend are:

    Eat Fat Lose Fat by Mary Enig & Sally Fallon

    Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

    The Schwarzbein Principle by Diana Schwarzbein

    I can give you some of my good bacon. Even if you just start by having bacon and eggs for breaky cooked in butter and coconut oil, you’ll be amazed at how you start feeling.

    (Also once again I wish to note that every body is different and although I and many others have done very well on this regime, it may not suit everyone 😉 )


    ps buy some good sourdough from the Milawa Cheese Factory 😉


    Hi Gerri

    About 6 months after I had my first child I developed a rash that looked like yours in the photos. It was unbearably itchy and made life hell.

    Mine was a bit different to yours I think, as I also had athritic joint pain, sore throat etc. After 18 months on cortisone I was finally free of it. Even after gazillions of blood tests and specialist immunologist consults I still don’t know for sure what it was. The closest thing was Lupus, but thankfully it wasn’t actually that.

    So I can’t really offer any advice and it seems others have already offered some great advice and have it covered! But just wanted to say I feel for you as I know how miserable and frustrating it can be. Who would think a rash could be so debilitating?

    I hope you can find the causes and get better soon.



    The full FAILSAFE diet is the best way to determine if you are sensitive, but you need to eliminate everything and then slowly bring it back in to see if you react. Some things can take a day or two to show up in a reaction. Some things will be tolerated at a low level but not if you continue to dose up on it. The diet is bland if you are used to spices, but it is short term (unless you are very sensitive) and there are loads of substitutes for many things.

    My SIL has IBS but has been really good on this diet. She now finds that foods with colours and other additives set off a day of bloating, cramping and the rest. High salicylate foods affect her but only if she has too much of them in one day. SIL is also gluten free. Even small amounts of wheat will affect her IBS. We discovered that we all felt better on a gluten free diet, so we are now a gluten free house. This is quite easy nowdays – Orgran make great substitutes.

    Do you have the failsafe book or the failsafe cookbook? Both are available on the website. I highly recommend them or otherwise, look at the website – loads of recipes there.

    To drink, we have water, decaf, magic cordial (citric acid, sugar and water) or maple syrup used like cordial. If you buy pears in syrup (not juice) you can also use the liquid for cordial. I personally would rather take my chances with sugar than artificial sweeteners. Schweppes lemonade is safe too and you can take whisky, vodka and gin if you want booze. :tup:


    baringapark wrote:

    James in Wodonga (Chinese medicine) helped Margo with her skin issues (hope I am not speaking out of turn Margo :shy: )

    Nope, he was great on the skin thing- it took a few months to tweak the herbs to get them right, but really REALLY helped me particularly with the itching. In fact this year has been the best summer ever eczema wise so am very pleased.

    Gerri me and Jerry 😉 will be doing the failsafe in March once my nephews have gone to try and get to the bottom of his belly problems. Maybe you could start then too and we can have a little thread here for mutual support? :clap:


    my kids are totally failsafe ( but more strict in line with RPA than failsafe) so am i and suffer when i go off to eat naughty foods.

    that cordial.. totally bad for you. the only cordial or iceblocks my kids can have are ones i make myself with citric acid ,water and sugar.

    I hope you stick to a strict elimination diet for at least 4 weeks ( preferably 6) to really see how much better you will feel.

    Yes it is hard .. but what is harder is having these reactions and not knowing whats setting them off. At least if you follow the elimination foods you only have to wait 6 weeks, then when your reactions have settled down you can start to re-introduce foods back in ( one at a time) to see if you can tollerate it or if it reacts wth you.

    I would NEVER go back to the way my children were before finding out about food intollerance.

    hope all goes well for you.

    just remember , often its not just one food thats set you off its a combination of foods with the same chemical in them.

    white refined sugar isnt so bad, its the other stuff added with it that cause problems

    any questions just msg me , i am happy to answer any q’s


    Nlac that’s interesting that you had similar. Did you find certain foods made your condition worse?

    Thankyou for the extra info Diva and Suz. The citric acid cordial sounds worth a try.

    MargoSounds like a good idea . I’ll have to get the name of your

    chinese health practitioner

    E I haven’t tossed the cordial out yet! But haven’t drunk any today. I have bought some nettle tea to drink.

    I’m feeling a little disheartened as I have been failsafe all day and have worse attacks than ever, not responding to antihistamines. I think it was something in my car that set me off. I often have flare-ups in the car. I think it might be the cool air blowing on me.

    There is a Failsafe forum at yahoo groups and I have been reading the posts there. I’ve got the original Fedup book, but there is a newer addition out now

    I’m not absolutely convinced that Failsafe is going to solve my problem though. I’m definitely going to try to avoid colourings and preservatives and go low sal initially. I’m sceptical by nature :noapprove:but will give it a try with an open mind.

    Once again thanks for your advice.



    Just to let you know that I got my results today. What I have is urticarial vasculitis as well as chronic urticaria.

    Trying to keep my salicylate intake low, but requiring mega doses of antihistamines. I’m not wanting to start prednisolone

    I’ve found a great forum sufferers can support each other and give information as it is not a very well known condition.

    At least I don’t have lymphoma which the doctor said it could be!


    bummer that it is urticaria, but yes very happy it’s not lymphoma!


    I just saw your photos and really feel for you. :hug: I’m glad it’s not lymphoma though. Are you allowed to eat plain, organic yoghurt?


    Hi Libran,

    Happy for you that it wasn’t lymphoma. Glad to see you found yourself a group for support. :hug:

    Try not to get discouraged. It generally takes a while for our bodies to flush the build up of “whatevers” out of our system. Personally I find that the first few days/weeks depending on what state my body often causes my system to tip into hyper reactive mode. If I have removed the right thing generally when I do what I have to to cope with the symptoms things tend to settle pretty quickly then start to get a lot better.


    Happy for you that its not lymphoma.

    When I had my illness/rash I didn’t even consider a dietry cause. I suppose because lupus was the main suggestion as the cause and it often flares up after childbirth. My son was six months old at the time.

    I was on a very high dose of prednisone and while it relieved the symptoms it made me so generally unwell. Just not healthy. I look at photos of me at the time and my face is all bloated and my skin looks pale and sickly. It took a full 18 months to get off the prednisone without experiencing a flare up of symptoms. I had to reduce the dose by milligrams at a time, very gradually.

    Its great that you have found some support and have some dietary approaches to try. I hope you can stay off the prednisone.


    I’m back again. My computer got destroyed in the storm a week or so ago.

    Unfortunately I have had to go on prednisolone as the rash and discomfort became totally out of control and I was on so many antihistamines I lost my sense of balance. I am 10 mg per day which is a fairly low dose. I’m still having symptoms, the large mosquito-like-bites ( hives) which burn and sting. The overall tinier angry red dots seem to have gone with the prednisolone.

    Trying to keep Failsafe but having a few relapses.


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