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    Scented Beauty cream

    1tsp beeswax

    1 tblsp almond oil

    1/2 tsp cornflour

    2 tblsp boiling water

    6 drops essential oil

    Melt the beeswax and almond oil in a bowl over a pan of hot water. when melted remove the bowl and stand on some newspaper. Add the cornflour and beat well. gradually add the water whilst beating with a balloon whisk until creamy. Add the essential oil and continue beating till mixture is cold. Spoon into presentation jars..


    Here in SA every November there is a Christmas Pagent that winds it’s way through the streets of Adelaide. Its been going now for 75 years.This year my sons partners mother has written a book about the history of it from the beginning to today. The book is being launched on the 26th Oct 2007 by Vicki Chapman mp

    You can visit the web site at

    It will be a great book on the history as it contains a lot of photos and text about it.

    We almost lost our pagent when John Martins closed its doors but the Credit unions took it over. Hopefully it will go on for future children to see.


    Last year we (all the grown ups) decided we’d all donate a set amount of money to each persons favorite charity. It takes the stress out of buying prezzies and gives you a wonderful fuzzy feeling all at the same time.



    I’ve just found a whole heap of white cotton that was used as costumes for kiddies in a Christmas pageant a few years ago..

    Can anyone give me some really simple but effective ideas to use it up? I’ll have to get rid of it otherwise. I was thinking something for Christmas..

    Lady Bee

    Table napkins; place mats; handkerchiefs; aprons; head scarves; pillow cases; tea towels.

    Make ‘bon bon’s for your Christmas table. Use a cardboard roll (not toilet roll), fill it with something (after dinner mints for example), wrap squares of your cotton around it, tie the ends with some nice ribbon, use some craft paints to decorate (or some glue and glitter) and set one in front of each person’s place at the table.

    Make little bags with draw strings and fill with pot pouri; again decorating with paint or glitter – or even embroider if you’re that way inclined.

    Dolls clothes – does anyone make these any more?

    If I think of any thing else, I’ll post again later.


    I’ve got another one: Get a bit of dowel and paint it up prettily. Attach a small ‘eye’ type hook to one end and attach a long length of ribbon to it. I saw it on playschool – what a great idea for a small person to play with! A bit like those gymnasts…


    Just an update of what I have made so far for Christmas

    Socks of course, the blue one is a ‘geisha’ style for wearing with thongs 😆

    Also I have embroideried calico for my rice packs.


    Here is the un-sewn rice bags drying on the line.


    We have made soap this year, which will be partnered by a little face washer bag.. (Two face washes knitted, then made into a litle bag, with a draw string) the idea is you put the saop in the bag to use on yourself…


    I love the christmas gift ideas…thanks for posting this thread. I have made the wheat bags. I made a fleece outer cover. It makes a good moist heat. Thanks again, M:tup:


    Just a caution on the wheat bags guys. If you use a synthetic fabric they can melt or burn. I learnt that the hard way years ago:(:tdown:


    oh no toosusie:(:(


    Normally I would spend a lot of money on gifts for extended family. But this year I am making aprons. They cost only 10% of what I often spent on people. I made some napkins for my sister but they are a bit basic so I am emphasizing the ‘handmade’ aspect of them!!;) Hope she likes them……..

    Still buying for my grown boys but thats ok. DH and I wont bother. We dont really ‘need’ anything and I cant be bothered with more stuff.

    Oh and making some yummy afghans for my BIL. He really likes them.

    So here is too a frugal and simple Christmas.:D




    hey, Christmas is a festival of Joy and I like your idea of home made stuff for Christmas. How about a mobile phone as a Christmas Presents?

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