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    I saw a good idea today that I might try for BIL who likes coffee: A little hamper with some coffee and chocolate spoons.

    You dip the spoons repeatedly in melted chocolate until they are covered thickly, wrap them in cellophane (with a bow, of course) and there you have it. You use them to stir the coffee and the chocolate melts into the hot coffee. I see heaps of spoons at the op shops for next to nothing…

    What do you make, luvinh?


    We’re making some little bags for the christmas trees with sweets inside. A family tradition that others want to continue fortunately :tup: Will adopt some of these suggestions myself I think. Thanks guys :clap:


    Got a recipe for that loquat chutney, Daisy?

    I have put a post in the recipe section for my loquat chutney and a loquat butter I will be trying.


    From another thread.. My neighbour has a lemon myrtle tree so I’ll be making soap and liquid hand soap, lemon myrtle pepper, dried LM, flavoured oil, and maybe some potpourri.

    Oh, and pot holders 😀

    Rachel Read

    This year I will be making some wheat bags – heat bags for aches and pains, and some scented quilted pot stands. There is no way I am attempting a pot holder again though!!!

    Love the ideas so far, I will try the herb pots and big jars of goodies for my hubbie and friends!


    I’ve made wheat bags too, with funky interesting cotton fabric. Weird giving them in Summer but they’re great to snuggle up with on cold Winter nights, or for cramps of any sort!

    I also made smaller ‘headache/migraine packs’ that are somewhere around 15cm x 5cm. You chill them (in a plastic bag in the fridge or freezer), then lie down and rest it across your forehead. Feels superb on a hot headachy day! You can add a few drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil etc for aromatherapy treatment too. Use on forehead only though, not on eyes. I make these in cool, calming colours such as blue and green. I will probably be making gift packs of wheat bags and headache packs.

    They’re simple as anything, but that’s about as creative as I’ve gotten so far! 😀


    got a recipe for that moisturiser suz?


    Since a couple of years back, we’ve been doing a hamper each for both sets of grandparents (plus BIL and SIL who still live with their family). We have two big baskets which we reuse from year to year. I keep an eye out at op shops for little bits and pieces – pretty sets of coasters, nice teapots, candles etc. Presenting them all together in a basket makes it look much nicer and disguises the second-handedness of it all 😉 I also put in teabag samplers, and make up hot chocolate mix, cook biscuits, etc. For various people I add their favourite foods. All the food gifts go in brown paper bags – I get my daughters to stamp them with gold paint and tie them with gold ribbons or twine, with pretty labels etc. If we have been given wine during the year (neither of us drink) we add a bottle.

    We first did this one year when money was really tight, but the families loved them so much they’ve become a tradition. Even the most ordinary gifts are really special if you pay attention to presentation, and it’s as much fun to make them up and decorate them as it is to get them, I reckon 😀

    ETA: I forgot to add that kids’ craft projects go really well in here too – one year my 10 year old made Christmas decorations, another she made beaded wine-glass charms, etc.


    Suzi, the moisturiser recipe I have been using can be found here:

    They sell all the ingredients on this site for this and more. This recipe makes 500 grams at a time and the tubs I have hold 100 grams each. I worked out that each 100 gram tub costs about $2 (slightly more if you need to buy the containers). The cream is better than anything I have used before – it contains no petrochemicals, you see, so it just glides onto the skin much more softly. I use almond oil as it has no strong smell and it goes into your skin easily without being oily. Don’t be put off by the instructions – it is no harder than making a cake!


    What a lot of great ideas, I am going to use the seeds idea for FIL, he is a passionate vege gardeneer and so hard to buy for.

    I have just sowed some dwarf sunflowers seeds and I am going to buy some small terracota pots and pot the sunflowers in those for cute cheery gifts, dd’s friends will love them.

    I like the idea of herb baskets too, my sisters would love those, I just need to source some funky containers for them and start the seeds off. I can take cuttings of herbs I already have too.

    How do you make the wheat bags please? That moisturiser looks good too.


    Maria, I gave my dad some seeds last year as he is a keen gardener. I found some places that sell unusual varieties of veges – like purple carrots. He has had a lot of fun with them.


    Hi osakasuz, do you have a recipe for the shampoo bars posted anywhere?

    All these ideas are great!


    Talking of wheat bags, here’s one I made earlier in the year and will make more for Christmas pressies.

    Pattern can be found here-

    The original size for the pattern is only about 7 inches, but I wanted to make her into a heat/wheat bag, so I enlarged the pattern to a 4 page poster, and used felt balls for the eyes instead of plastic (which could burn), sewing a little cross in each before attaching them. I filled her with jasmine rice and some lavender oil. She was made from printed corduroy that I bought @ $6 metre. 1/2 metre of 120cm wide fabric will do 2 frogs at this size, which is about 35cm long. Total cost each including rice- under $2.50. I find the rice gives off a nicer smell than wheat. Good for slinging around a sore neck:D

    I call her my “Mod Frog”.


    Rice is apparently also less likely to attract weevils


    That it is so cute SandyB!…….what a great idea. I make them in the sqaure’s as i find them invaluable with the family but have never thought to make a frog. It would make a nice xmas present for my younger niece and nephew.

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