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    With Christmas just around the corner we are madly trying to come up with wonderful gift ideas.

    So far we have

    Hand-knitted socks

    Oh so yummy chocolate truffles (bit worried how they will hold up in the heat!) let me know if you want the recipe!

    Hand knitted dish towels

    Boxes of homegrown produce but only if the rain keeps filling up our tanks

    Pots of vegetable / herb plants / succulents

    Home brew, only if I can stop hubby drinking it all

    Loquat Chutney

    Biscults and cakes

    That’s all I have so far. What are you planning to give for Christmas?



    Last year I gave each of my brother’s and my folks a box of home made goodies. I made “sundried” (dehydrated) tomatoes in olive oil with garlic, fruit leather, dried herbs, flavoured olive oil, date “fluffs” (they’re all dates and they’re fluffy – with almonds or coconut), bath salts (or foot soaks whatever you like), lip balm.. I think that was about it, and some other fresh home made goodies.

    This year I’ll stick to ginger bread houses, fruit leather and flavoured olive oil. I’d be open to more suggestions though! easy ones please…


    I reckon I might pull out some preserves this year. Have you seen what they charge for “home made” jams at the fancy shops?

    Lotus Blue

    Hi there!

    Here’s a few suggestions:

    A potted herb garden (or hanging ), hampers of fresh vegies, jams, relishes and eggs. I have made shopping bags and tulle bags for fruit and vegies, suncatchers, various beaded items such as mobile phone charm keyrings and tassles. If you happen to be into scrapbooking/cardmaking do a box of assorted cards (birthday, thank you). For grandparents put together a photo / brag book of what your family did throughout the year. My kids love to paint terracotta pots and photo frames, make mobiles from basically anything, handmade vouchers for doing jobs for eg feeding the dog, putting the dishes away or even cook breakfast!!!

    A few years back I bought some ‘air dry clay’ I flattened it out to approx the size of a small plate and pressed my DC hands onto each of them, when the clay dried DC then painted them. I sprayed them with some clear paint (from the cheap shops) and presented them on plate stands for the grandparents. This went down well. Oh don’t forget to put the age/year of DC on the back.

    Anyone out there with other ideas I can see an excellent thread happening here.


    Yes – keep those great ideas coming. This is an excellent thread.

    * I am making soap, shampoo bars, conditioner and moisturiser and maybe some shave gel. I was going to sew up some drawstring bags to put them in.

    * Potted herbs are always good, as Liz suggested, cut fresh herbs are expensive to buy from the shops.

    * Aprons for kids or adults.

    * A set of cloth napkins (from recycled sheets).

    * Fruit liquers (soak fruit – berries, stonefruit, prunes, etc – in alcohol and sugar).

    * Flavoured vinegars and oils with herbs, chilli or garlic.

    Got a recipe for that loquat chutney, Daisy?

    Edited to add:

    Hit the op shops too – you never know what you will find!


    home made fruit mince or made up pies

    Cherries in Brandy in fancy bottles

    Books on sale are always good.

    One year I bought my late sister a tea pot, I knitted a tea cosy for it and then filled it up with sugar cubes. Put the pot in a basket and everytime I went shopping I bought a fancy tea bags. I also picked up a milk jug and sugar pot to go with it. She loved it as she drank a lot of tea and being on a pension she couldn’r afford the more expensive. It’s only for a special person as it can work out dear.:D


    Any good suggestions for blokey gifts?


    Fruit wines can be very cheap, about $2.50 for two litres.

    Ill pop up the recipe in the home brew forum.


    Preserved ready meals like a bolognaise sauce (just add meat) and curry sauce etc. I know a lady that makes all these sorts of things.

    or… that tooth powder that was around here somewhere on oneof the threads..



    Last year all the blokes in our family got seeds for their vege patches


    osakasuz wrote:

    Any good suggestions for blokey gifts?

    When socks don’t cut it anymore… you could try these, hehe

    *A personalised barrel filled of his favourite bikkies, perhaps including a voucher for a free refill stuck to the bottom!

    *Beer Basket, filled with his fav beer (or your homebrew!) and beer snacks, peanuts, wasabi peas, salsa, cornchips etc.

    *Handmade leather belt or simple wallet, purse etc.

    *Pumice stones, or pumice stone and homemade soap in one, soap on a rope, own homemade hand scrubs with oatmeal or crushed wallnut shells

    *Homemade car washing kit, a bucket with your own washing soda detergent, home sewn cloths, personalised sponges etc.

    *A voucher to sit down and watch his favourite telly programme with him, without complaining! hehe – maybe even supply some snacks!

    And for your alpha male… :shy:

    *Bottle or jar of yummy massage oil/cream and a voucher for “free back massage”

    *A sexy piece of lingerie in your size! and little note with “I promise to wear it soon!”

    Hope these are of some help 🙂

    Cheers Bron


    My family this year will be getting soap! They just have to look in my direction and they get soap :lol::lol: soap and eggs:lol::lol:


    I’ve been making a donation to Oxfam on behalf of the family for the last couple of years and giving them a card declaring the fact with a simple “because we all have enough already” message. Its gone down very well. In fact, last year one uncle followed suit and bought us all goats! My 93 year old grandmother was a bit peeved, but everyone else was happy. Of course, I still buy or make DS, DH and my mum something special.



    for blokes what i do every xmas is i make a movie basket

    i take a basket fill it with cans of 6 softdrinks,peanuts,chips popcorn,nuts.etc.

    and a couple of cheap dvds i am lucky they all like westerns and usually these you can get for $2 each

    apart from that they all get handmade items believe me my kids and grandson get cranky if they do not get handmade and joesph will be 4 at xmas.


    I made mini gingerbread houses the size of your hand for my friends and big ones for the table for families. If you’re handy with a piping bag you can cut down on lollies so save $$’s.

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