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Chooks- how many snails is too many?

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    My neighbours came over yesterday with a treat for my girls – about 556898734 snails in jars, it was raining and they had a plague in their yard. Anyway we turned around and the kids had fed about half of them to the girls…is there a toxic dose of snails for a chicken? Normally I throw about 6 or 10 in the pen in the morning when I catch them (the snails, not the chickens). THe chickens appear to still be alive this morning but I am holding off on the other half of the ton of snails (still sliming around in the jar- gross!!!). I have heard that snails carry worm eggs, is this true? SHould I worm them?


    I read somewhere not to feed snails or garden worms to chickens – but when they are out free-ranging they find and eat these themselves anyway. In fact if one finds a snail it’s a free-for-all and a mad chase around the yard. So to answer (?) your question – I guess the chooks know how many is too many 😀

    John and Zoe

    marz wrote:

    if one finds a snail it’s a free-for-all and a mad chase around the yard. So to answer (?) your question – I guess the chooks know how many is too many 😀

    Spot on marz!:tup:

    As we don’t yet have our own, I gather up all our spare snails and toss them over the fence to the next door neighbours’ chooks (10).

    A healthier bunch of girls would be hard to find and, every time I walk down our driveway, they scurry over to see what treats I’ve got for them.:)



    PS: I jokingly said to Zoe that I’d like to name our place ‘Snailhaven’ but she vetoed the idea.;)


    rofl john , * i wonder y?

    yup i agree , my chooks loved snils and cockoroaches, but because they got snails all the time ( i trained my kids well to catch the snails and give to chooks) they did get to a stage that unless it was early morning and they were still hungry they sometimes overlooked the snails for tastier things, ( like cockoroaches) lol

    and then we had snails escaping the chook yard to the vegie patch again.

    never hurt them one bit either.


    My girls (7) got sick of them at about a dozen each – turned over some timber from a building project this morning and there were about a hundred of the little suckers sheltering there.

    Don’t know where they all come from as the girls freerange out there regularly and the timber has only been there a couple of weeks. Cheap chook tucker I reckon.


    We have had our 2 Isa Browns for a week now and both turn up their beaks at the snails and slugs offered to them. Are they an exception to the chookie world in their disinterest? I’m most disappointed not to share in the delights of watching them devour these tasty treats.


    I think eleventy three is a nice, round number :tongue:



    thanks for the thread as I’d also heard somewhere that snails and slugs weren’t good for chooks, so have never given ours any that I find (they go on the comost, squished)

    I assume the that slugs are alright too? as there’s a certain piece of black plastic that covers a large slug colony that I’ll let the girls on if slugs are alright too



    chooks love sanils and slugs – the reason people are warned against them is sanils travel and you never know if your neighbour is laying bait – especially if you live in urban areas.

    Too many is when the poo goes bright green smells like duck poo and the eggs taste like snails (i learn’t that one the hard way) :rip:


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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