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    Kristy, i don’t view our eggs as fertile until they have been sat on for a few days.. the little chickie life can’t REALLY get going until its been warmed up i reckon. i think your work mates are being a bit precious honestly, do they eat meat, chicken? whats the diff?


    I guess if they have the little white spot showing when broken into a flat container then they are definitely “fertile”.Sometimes the spot will be underneath of course, but it seems not often.Some folk say fertile eggs are better for you anyway if you can get them.I have friends who happily accept them from me and they know I have a rooster……or else the fertile issue hasn’t occurred to them yet!! Humans have eaten fertile eggs for ever , so I think it’s a non issue , and a case of folk being used to shop bought eggs and being disconnected with the natural world, which is not necessarily their fault of course.

    I’d say keep your roo Kristy.

    ……and here’s something to REALLY upset your work mates………… :laugh:

    “A balut is a fertilized duck (or chicken) egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside that is boiled and eaten in the shell. They are common, everyday food in some countries in Asia, such as in the Philippines, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Popularly believed to be an aphrodisiac and considered a high-protein, hearty snack, balut are mostly sold by street vendors at night in the regions where they are available. They are often served with beer. The Filipino and Malay word balut (balot) means “wrapped” รขโ‚ฌโ€œ depending on pronunciation. This food however is uncommon in Malaysia.

    You go first……”


    Thank you Vicky and Bluewren.

    Yes they all eat meat, I am vegetarian. Work that one out. They make me feel so bad for eating what could be fertile eggs, I wish people weren’t so mean ๐Ÿ™

    I will keep at least one rooster then, if they don’t get too noisy for the neighbors. Is there are problem with in breeding with ducks and chickens?


    Thank you Vicky and Bluewren.

    Yes they all eat meat, I am vegetarian. Work that one out. They make me feel so bad for eating what could be fertile eggs, I wish people weren’t so mean ๐Ÿ™ quote]

    Kristy….if most of the fertile eggs in the world were not eaten but allowed to become chooks there would be nothing left for humans to eat……..I don’t think eating fertile eggs is a moral issue to let worry you …….you are just too lovely a girl for your own good!! :clap: :tup: :hug:


    Yes, I agree with BW there, Kristy. They may be fertile, but they are not growing a chick unless they’re incubated properly. You are not ending a life for the life has not even started to develop, you only have the precursor to life if it’s fertile, not life itself. If they have started to grow, you would have vein-like blood through the egg. Not very common at all, but can happen on occasion if the eggs have not been collected daily. I don’t have any hens without roosters in with them. As was mentioned before, the ‘ick’ factor only comes from a disconnection with nature & no knowledge of the reality of things. I wonder if they eat fritz or sausages & know what’s in them? :whistle:


    More protein = good!!

    Even though only 2 of my girls went broody I haven’t had an egg for a week in the laying box! Hrmm it’s just dawned on me that maybe they are laying elsewhere again…. will investigate this tomorrow afternoon


    Hope you find some lisanne!!

    DH came back from his walk early this morning and said ” Is there supposed to be a black chook out in the yard?”

    ?????? I am allowing my young ones to free range and was pretty sure I had shut them all up last night, but it was nearly dark so I thought I must have missed one.I said hallo to the one in the yard , and then let mine out …….all of them!! The extra one is exactly like my only black one.So I guess I’ll be ringing up the neighbours!


    Wow! All that compost on the dome roof must be growing new chooks! :woohoo:


    Bandicoot Valley post=341092 wrote: Wow! All that compost on the dome roof must be growing new chooks! :woohoo:

    If only! :laugh: It’s not pretty up there, even with daily removal…….the ones I am letting free range are my POLs raised here,they are in a separate pen to the dome dwellers.It is a bit risky because a day fox attack is always a possibility but their

    pen is small and has no outside run.I usually only use those pens as broody pens, but last time I put young ones with the main flock the old guard gave them a dreadful time and I lost a pretty little Red Sussex/Barnevelder I’m pretty sure from stress.


    BlueWren post=341059 wrote: I guess if they have the little white spot showing when broken into a flat container then they are definitely “fertile”.Sometimes the spot will be underneath of course, but it seems not often.

    Not quite true. Infertile eggs do also have a white spot…it just looks different [smaller mainly] to a fertile egg.

    This page on Backyard Poultry explains its quite well. As well as the explanation of blood spots in eggs [it’s not an embryo like most believe it to be!].

    TBH I’d just tell them that you got rid of your roosters if they’re being precious over eating fertile eggs. Just make sure you collect the eggs each day to avoid continuation of the ‘baby chicken’s’ growth. What they don’t know won’t necessarily hurt them. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Thanks for correcting me Ravyk – I had obviously been misinformed.Thanks for the link too, very interesting.

    I had planned to entice my six young birds and perhaps the extra one back into their pen this morning before going out,but spent too much time on here!

    Came home two hours later to find the extra one gone , three of mine in my high fenced veg garden and the other three nowhere to be seen.Managed to get two voluntarily out of the veg garden, caught the third one that was hiding under sweet potato vines,and got them up to the pen.Two more came from somewhere when they heard the feed container shaking and I got those five secured in their pen.I eventually found the sixth one under a bush, very frightened.She ran away from me into long grass, very scared, but I managed to catch her and put her back with the others.

    I’m assuming someone came looking for their chook and frightened mine silly trying to catch theirs.I hope the three just flew into the veg garden in a panic and didn’t enjoy it enough to repeat it!I don’t like clipping the wings of free rangers to give them half a chance of escaping a fox.

    I suppose the other possibility is that a fox did get the extra black one and mine all escaped! Think I’d better ring around the neighbours this evening.Will keep mine shut up for a few days anyway to get over their fright.


    Nope, I didn’t find any eggs on my backyard hunt – damnit! I’ve got a neighbour letting them out and locking them up over the weekend and was hoping that they would get some eggs for their troubles!! Oh well they can have free pick off the vegie garden instead

    I hope your chookies only got scared by a person and not something else BW!


    BlueWren if you let the broody hen sit on her eggs in the main chooken shed, she will protect them after they are hatched and the rest of the chookens becomed used to the young ones. Of course once they are piffed off by the mumma they face the normal ‘pecking order’ experience, but that’s just normal chooken procedure. :tup:

    It cuts out all the re-introduction and new introduction processes. :tup:

    I see no reason for the broodies to be separated from the main shed. :shrug: No personal experience here of course. :blush: :blush:



    I know as chook lovers we all have our bad time’s.

    I read this thread with such enthusiasm, because i love my chickens as pets. and i know i am not alone in how hard it is when we have to let one go.

    So,now i have the hard decision today to stop trying to feed my little bantam ‘Stucky’. I know that if i had stopped attending to her this week that she would be totally incapacitated now.

    Parting with her will be even WORSE after going and feeding her multiple times a day. Anyway, i know my life could be much worse, And in the grand scheme, she is but a baby chicken, which are consumed by the bazillion each day. But it just sucks knowing that her life will end very soon. and now i have gone and made myself sound like a crazy woman.. ๐Ÿ˜›


    Not crazy at all, Vickie. More like a caring, empathic, wonderful woman. Sorry you have to experience this. It is heartbreaking. ๐Ÿ™ :hug:

    For those with ducks – do you have to hunt around all over the yard for eggs, or do they lay in a regular spot? We’ve had no more since the two in the yard the other day.

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