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    BW have you tried keeping them in where you want them to roost for 2 or 3 days straight? The most difficult part will be keeping the food and water upright and getting the well behaved ones in when it’s time to roost.


    I’ve got some meat hybrid x leghorns I’m raising for meat. Alas, I don’t think I can bring myself to dispatch any of the girls. Cockerels I can do no problem, but it seems wrong to eat pullets! 🙂


    Ediedioh post=340622 wrote: BW have you tried keeping them in where you want them to roost for 2 or 3 days straight? The most difficult part will be keeping the food and water upright and getting the well behaved ones in when it’s time to roost.

    Yes I have thought of that , when I swap to the new roo especially.I’m just a bit wary of doing that because the first two to roost on the roof did so because other hens were giving them a bad time in the dome, and I don’t want to make things tough for them.

    Who’d have thought that keeping chickens could be so complicated!! :shrug:


    hahaha chicken day spa 🙂 I haven’t even tried to bath mine! I tried to clean their beards one day and they were Ok with that, but not sure about washing a whole chicken on my own.

    Daisy is most definitely now broody :angry: I had no time to deal with her today so tomorrow after work she will be going into the broody cage for a few days


    LOL giving the chook a bath

    great photo


    I sent my teen daughter down to grab the eggs for me

    she hasnt been in the chookhouse before, the 3 off them scared her, LOL

    I had a good giggle


    My daughter as a teenager used to breed and show Pekin bantams.She would bath them in the laundry, blow dry them , and massage vaseline into their combs and onto their beaks.They looked great,and she won her share of prizes , even at the Royal Brisbane Show.


    Thanks Lisanne and BV,I’ll let Son know the jury is still out on the topic.

    DH though the boys went down one shute and the girls another,but I thought that was for egg laying not meat birds.


    Hello chookie people!

    Long time no talk! [been rather busy juggling baby and study!] How is everyone’s chickens?

    My chicks I hatched last year are now 23 weeks old. I have 6 hens and 2 roosters, plus 3 of my hens from the year before.

    Now for some photos 😀

    One of my curious Marans hen

    Silver laced Wyandotte, gold laced Wyandotte and Marans rooster. [If anyone in Adelaide wants a pretty, friendly rooster…he is looking for a pet home :)]

    My Lavender Araucana rooster

    Another Marans hen

    My Lavender Araucana hen. 😀


    Love the photos Ravyk. Our bocks as they are being called here are all doing well. 2 are now laying, usually an egg each a day and the one who is not laying yet is a bossy little miss who is getting into strife all the time. It’s just like having 3 extra children really 😆 .


    Ravyk, can we have some baby photo’s too :cheer: ??

    So i know this will be one of those questions that is hard to answer because you all can’t see the chick, and don;t know her history.

    One of my little bantam chicks got stuck in the fence when she was little ( in that stage where they have a growth spurt and try to squeeze through the fence anyway :blink: ) so we had to cut her out of the fence, she had some blood around where the wing bone meets her body, but was fine.

    that happened about 2 months ago, she has always slept at the bottom of the tank, obviously she can’t fly. Ever since it happened she has been slower than the rest of them, and even stops in the middle of the yard and has little naps.

    In the last few days, i have seen she is off balance, and if she goes too fast she sort of puts her wings up and then it seems like her legs go from under her, and she has a little rest/lay down and then gets back up.

    So 2 nights ago she didn’t go in the tank with the others, and i thought she had been too weak to walk home, but she had gone in the nesting box (obviously a smart little chick because it’s the warmest quietest place for her)

    So i have shut her in there, and been feeding her up, in the hopes that MAYBE she had lost condition because she wasn’t quick enough to all the good scraps. I have been giving her heaps of blackberries and noodles, cheese, and she really seems happy on her own.

    I don’t really know what i am asking.. but i guess it’s this.. if i have to separate her to ensure she gets food enough to stay strong.. is that quality of life? how do i know if she is in pain :blush: and i am just prolonging her agony. I just assumed becuase she has lasted SO long after her accident that she was O.K.


    Oh Vickie you sound so nice and so kind. :hug:

    I hope all the chooken wise folk can help you with sound advice. :hug:

    It sounds to me like that little chick is a very lucky little chick. :tup:

    Just a question, have you let the chick run with the others since you fed her up? :shrug: And if so, how did she get along with the others? :shrug:



    so 2 of my chooks went broody and got put into the broody cage but that mean that the 3rd one also stopped laying for some reason – ARGH!! gimme the eggs chooks and stop going broody!!!


    I love the colourings of those Wyandotte chooks!


    Sorry, Vickie, I have no idea. Sounds like a wait & see situation. I’d probably keep her in with the others & observe what happens.

    I just arranged to buy 6 new chooks today! Will pick them up after Easter. A trio of black Australorps & a trio of Light Sussex’s. Woot! And tomorrow at the Strath chook sale I’m getting a trio of large Saxony ducks. Which means I need to sell some of mine! PM me if anyone wants some ducks.

    **Strathalbyn poultry sale is on tomorrow (Sunday 25th) from 8am – 12noon (or maybe 1pm, I can’t remember)**

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