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Chook Chat Part 2

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    We have a silver laced Wyandotte that looks sick fan dying. No idea why and started yesterday! A black Australorp was the same 6 maths ago but we couldn’t work out what killed her?! Any clues on what might have happened? Not sure what to do with the Wyandotte?


    lmd80 – can you describe in any more detail what her symptoms are? Some of my chickens are moulting very heavily at the moment and losing a lot of nutrients growing new feathers. I am supplementing their feed with some high protein food like sardines etc. Could yours be moulting and not getting all the nutrients she needs, or is it a sudden illness/malady? Or maybe she has a tick? I’d be isolating her from the others in case it’s something contagious. There’s always a chance she is egg-bound. Try googling and see if her symptoms fit…

Viewing 2 posts - 496 through 497 (of 497 total)
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