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Chook Chat Part 2

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    My beloved turkeys eggs are due to hatch on Sunday! There are only 5 fertile from the 8 I collected after the fox killed them. I get all anxious like an expectant parent before chicks hatch, but this time I’m super anxious! Just had to share. 😛


    Wow, so much egg sitting going on! This excited, can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures.

    We’ve gone from four eggs a day down to 0-1 egg per day. After one of the faverolles died, the other faverolle keeps laying, but the two orphingtons hurry to sit on the faverolle’s one egg and have stopped laying themselves. Each day I kick them out of the nest and they go back to normal for an hour or two then sit in the empty nest for the rest of the day. Silly girls! I feel a bit sorry for them both, suddenly becoming so keen to have babies of their own.

    Lady Bee

    I’ve got a broody Welsummer hen that I want to place some eggs under, but I’m concerned at the logistics. Let me explain.

    The nesting boxes that the chooks lay in (and that this one is sitting in) is about 3 foot off the ground (or about 1 metre if you’re metricated). The roosting perches are about the same heigh so a chook can walk along the perch and pop into one of the boxes.

    Now if I put some eggs under the chook in one of those boxes, when/if they hatch, how will the little chicks get looked after with food and water?

    I’ve never actually hatched little ones before so am a total novice.

    Anyone help me out?


    Lady B, I would leave her be for now, (the amount of times i have moved hen to safer places (like out of underneath of the zucc plant in the garden in the pouring rain), 9 times out of 10 they wont sit back on. So now i try as much as i can to leave them be, and then move them after hatching.

    BV..Thanks for all the info 🙂 Sounds so simple now but i didn’t even think of it like that :blush: 😉 I am in gippsland VIC so no chance of borrowing your incubator (thankyou so much forthekind offer, it’s really nice of you :hug: ). But there is a lady up the road who has one, so i should ask her.

    At least by popping them under I have some chance of getting more of Flynn’s chicks, and i still have a few weeks to put a plan into action 🙂 .

    Miaowzen,no fun having less eggs.

    My girls could turn into eggs, they (and i) have discovered the joy of a hard boiled egg. We got egg cups for 10c each at the op shop. They usually dont last long in the cup though, being bantam eggs they are gone in few bites 😉

    Such a quick easy healthy meal for littles one 🙂


    BV best of luck with your turkey eggs. I hope you get a great hatch.

    Vickie, if you know which eggs are which you may be able to get s second hen go broody before hatch date. If so place the later ones under her.

    After my big debate within myself about broody or baton, I had a duck and a chicken both go broody. They sat for 2 weeks so I ordered some fertile eggs. The day the eggs arrived they both got off the nest.

    So I did a mad dash to Sydney to buy an incubator. Once I placed the eggs in the bator. The chook went broody again. So I have let her sit. I am planning to put 3 eggs under her the day before hatch day. And then hopefully she hatches them and I can sneak the other ones under her as they hatch.

    Not sure how good this incubator will be. It was only $100.. not the best quality but the best I could get in my panic state of oh no I need it now.

    Mioawzen can you get some fertile eggs off someone to place under your two girls.

    Best of luck Lady B I’m a nervous first time chooky mumma, well hatching ducklings too.

    Very anxious. Candled my eggs yesterday. 9 of 12 are good

    Lady Bee

    Thank you, Vickie. I have put eggs under her this morning. Will be interesting to see if she takes to them.


    Lady b will the broody hen be kept separate from other hens, or will other hens have access to her and the chicks? Older hens will often kill the chicks even if the mother is very protective, with the nest at height the chicks will surely die if they get out of the nest and other chooks are around. I have had it work out ok a few times but generally it ends poorly.

    While she is incubating often other hens will sneak in other eggs, when the first batch hatch you may have a bunch of eggs that will hatch over the next week or two. If you plan to leave her for now I would certainly move her when they start to hatch.

    Regardless of what you do i hope the hatch goes well.

    Lady Bee

    She’ll be in with the other hens (and the rooster) but will move them all when they hatch. There are only 7 eggs under her, so hopefully won’t be too arduous.

    I tried putting her in a separate pen last night with the eggs, but she would NOT sit on them. She spent the night huddled on the floor next to the nest I’d prepared for her.

    Will just have to see how it goes.


    I’ve got a big boofy Plymouth Rock hen (Gertrude) who is intent on sitting. I’ve tried moving her to our broody coop, but like your hen Lady B, she won’t sit there! As soon as I put her back in the coop with the other girls, she’s straight back into the nesting box to sit!! Here’s my dilemma…

    There’s another hen sitting on the ground under the nesting box (Wendy). She’s been sitting tight since yesterday. I plan to put some wire in front of Wendy so the other hens can’t lay more eggs near her or get to her newly hatched chicks. Once hatched, I plan to move Wendy and her chicks to another coop. If I let Gertrude sit above her in the nesting box and slip some eggs under her tonight, do you think she’ll get off her nest when she hears Wendy’s eggs hatch under her (a day before her are due)?? She’s sitting in a galv nesting box that has a deep lip to stop the eggs falling out. She’s a big bird and fills the box. Do you think the newly hatched chicks will die if left to hatch under her there? Ideally, I’d move her and let her hatch her eggs elsewhere, but she WILL NOT sit anywhere else. I might try putting an open tray where the nesting box is and hiding the nesting box for a little while and see if she sits on that instead. Aaargh – what a pain. The option is to cool her down and de-brody her. What do you reckon??


    Bel, I like the sounds of your plan with Wendy.

    I do not think that Gertrude will get off her eggs just from hearing chicks. Then again Plymouth rocks are not the best of mothers (at least mine are pretty bad) so there is always a chance that she will not stay to see them hatch. mark on a calendar the due date and keep an eye out for the, a day before just in case they hatch early.

    From what i have seen, some hens stick around for a day or two after hatching (which would be ideal for you if Wendy did this), others take the chicks and leave as fast as they can sometimes while chicks are still hatching. It kind of depends on the bird.

    If it was me I would go with your plan and not try to de-broody her, let Wendy do her thing behind protective wire, slip eggs under Gertrude tonight, and see how they go.

    My Plymouth rocks will not be moved until they have sat for over two weeks. Any earlier than that and they leave the nest. Mine are terrible mothers, if it wasn’t for that they would be the perfect bird for my situation.


    Thanks for the advice Mukluk.

    Wendy is still sitting tight – she’s a young bird, but has a very gentle temperament, so I think she’ll make a good mum. I’ve put some wire in front of her and moved the nesting box that was above her forward somewhat to give her more space underneath.

    When I did that, I noticed that Gertrude wasn’t in the nesting box. I don’t know if it’ll last or if she just thought it was safe to get off the eggs because it was so warm today. Either way, I’m not fussed. If she’s still sitting in the next day or 2, I’ll slip some eggs under her. I even had a thought that I could move the whole nesting box (with her in it) to our other broody coop. I think she’ll probably stay put that way. I cannot get her out of the nesting box once she’s wedged in there, so it’ll probably be an easy way to move her.


    Two little turkeys hatched so far! The first one is from an egg laid by the injured black turkey but the chick is spending more time on her back than on her feet – she may have a problem. Sigh. But the second chick is from my precious original turkeys! Yeeeeaaah!

    I’ve just posted on Melrose’s thread a pictorial story about how I fixed the crippled legs of a chick recently if anyone’s interested to see. Thread is here–help


    BV that’s good news about your second turkey.

    I read your other post and it was very informative.

    Thank you so much.


    Quick question, this morning I found one of my chooks was laying down, on further investigation I found that she is limping and can’t really stand on her right foot. I checked for bumblefoot, but her feet don’t look look any different to the other chooks. She was fine the day before. Apart from the limp she was still trying to graze. Could it just be a sprain from jumping off her perch? Not at home at the moment, so can’t check on her. Any suggestions? I’m thinking I’ll take her to vet tomorrow or Tuesday if no improvement


    It’s possible she injured it jumping from the perch. Perhaps you could put her in a small cage to stop her moving around much & forcing her to rest it. Have you felt her leg to see if you can feel any breaks or anything out of place? I hope it’s a soft tissue injury that will heal well with a bit of time. Let us know how she goes if you take her to the vets.

    I got 3 turkey poults. 🙂 A fourth unzipped her egg but stayed like that for over 24 hours without making it out of the shell. I thought she’d died so I was going to put her in the compost but she started cheeping at me, so I popped the shell to get her out. She only lived a day. Poor little thing. But the poults are so cute! They sleep all stacked up on top of each other. :laugh:

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