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CHOCOLATE! … raw, organic, sugar and dairy free … homemade and DELICIOUS!

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    The IGA sells it the cheapest here ($30 for the ‘Power organic raw cacao butter’ 500gm), but most places are $35 (for the Living Earth brand)… it does make it an expensive treat… but oh so worth it!


    Thank you talking trees, so it sounds like delivered for $35 is pretty good. Maybe after xmas when I have spare cash I will order some 🙂 Cant wait

    Forest Raven

    Thanks for bringing this up, I haven’t made raw chocolate for six months or so, because of the expense, but it is oh so good (and you can have your little bit and not have the addictive effect of regular chocolate). I haven’t tried the coconut oil, which is a common raw foodies trick, I’m really not a fan of it! But cacao butter is sooooo good! I’ve also made white chocolate using soy milk powder which was also really good, just slightly gritty in the texture. The recipe specified it as a cocking chocolate, don’t know if the texture was the rason.

    So enjoy everyone, raw chocolate is so good. I like chopping up my dried raspberries and adding them in, or adding a couple of drops of peppermint oil. Really rich! My partner’s fave is toasted coconut.


    Looking very yummy.chocolate is high in a special class of antioxidants called which are called flavonoids. These help keep free radicals, destructive substances formed as by-products from normal daily activities such as breathing, under control.

    Thanks to share your recipe..


    As I understand it, raw, organic, unrefined coconut oil is tremendously good for us. Have you heard something I have missed out on Forest Raven? :shrug:

    I like to try to keep up with the benefits or not of various foods so I appreciate the opinions of others on a similar path to me. :tup:

    The raw choc is just AAA+ . :clap:



    I think she’s just saying the cacao butter gives a different texture Bobbles.

    Both coconut oil/butter and cacao butter are awesome… but I’m with Forest Raven… I prefer the texture of the raw choc made with cacao butter.

    :hug: :hug:


    Ok, I must have misunderstood. :blush: Thanks Erthgirl. :hug:

    Yes the cacao butter does make yum choc which sets firmer than the coconut oil, imo. :tup:


Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)
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