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CHOCOLATE! … raw, organic, sugar and dairy free … homemade and DELICIOUS!

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    I am never buying chocolate again — and I was a rather dedicated customer before!

    This recipe is sooo easy – and from what Ive read – actually HEALTHY for you … I think it actually tastes better then ‘industrial’ chocolate – and alot more satisfying!

    1 tbs coconut oil

    1.5 tbs agave syrup (look for organic & raw for best benefits)

    1/2 tsp of vanilla extract

    2 Tbsp Cocoa Powder

    Heat coconut oil and agave syrup

    Add powder (this binds the oil and sweetner) – keep stirring

    Add your flavourings

    Pop in the freezer to set!

    If possible – experiment with Cacao butter instead of the coconut – I have ordered some in, and will update when it arrives… for now, I only had coconut on hand, and just couldn’t wait..

    The last batch I added crushed macadamias, goji berries, vanilla extract and other yummy herbs..

    Does anyone have any other raw chocolate recipes? Or experiments? (I dooo luv experimenting with chocolate – its hard to go wrong! .. even if it looks messy, its gunna taste good!) :woohoo:


    Yum! I make chocolate very similar to your recipe, only using honey instead of agave (agave is hard to find here)

    Its definitely better than the bought stuff 😀



    Thanks for the recipe, that looks seriously yummo!! :woohoo:

    Bobbs :hug: :hug: :hug:


    That recipe looks good and I am going to give it a try, it looks to only make a very small amount though!


    3 Tbsp Dark Agave Syrup

    80g Cacao butter – chopped into small pieces

    55g Cacao powder – sifted


    Good additives are spirulina, crystalised ginger, goji berries, blueberries, almonds… very nice.

    Heat some water in a saucepan.

    In a bowl (I use a pyrex jug) placed over top, put in cacao butter then turn off heat.

    Let the cacao butter completely melt

    Turn on heat briefly again for 20 seconds then turn it off & add the agave syrup – mix VERY WELL to combine

    Mix in the cacao powder – blend well

    Add other additions such as ginger, or spirulina or nuts or gojis etc

    Remove jug/bowl

    Carefully pour into the molds and gently shake the molds to settle the


    Place in the freezer for 30 – 40 mins or the fridge for 1 – 2 hours.

    When set, leave out of the fridge for 2 mins, then twist the mold to


    This is truly luscious… :hug: :hug:

    My favourite is the spirulina chocolate… followed closely by the ginger.


    All these years and I have never known about this chocolate, maybe just as well have put on enough weight already, but I am definitely going to try it once I work out where to buy the stuff. 😆


    Kasalia post=328317 wrote: All these years and I have never known about this chocolate, maybe just as well have put on enough weight already, but I am definitely going to try it once I work out where to buy the stuff. 😆

    Now don’t hold me to this, it could have been a marketing ploy, but the guy who taught me insisted that this stuff was good for the waist line.. Cacao (or chocolate) in its raw and natural form is an appetite supresssent – just a little bit is so satisfying that you don’t feel like you need to eat any more (or any other snacks), and it is low in calories and high in magnesium and anti-oxidents!

    …just incase you needed an excuse! 😆


    Talking Trees, I saw a documentary on whether or not chocolate can help you lose weight. Very fascinating, and yes, Cacao as close to its raw form as possible actually does help you lose it!


    Thanks I just made a bit slimy mark up my ‘puter screen licking that chockie.

    Where would one buy the cacao, agave syrup,healthfood store or supermarket.

    Xgeckox-care to share your recipe using honey..

    It’s coming up to xmas and I uaually make chockie treats for my work mates.This would make a nice change.Are the additions eg fruits dried??


    I sourced everything from either my local IGA or the co-op/health food shop in town .. ebay is quite good for harder to find things like cacao butter.. (although I just heard today that the IGA has finally got some in, so I am literally about to jump in the car and find out!) :woohoo:

    I think the main priority is that it is “raw” (unprocessed as much as possible – for max healthy benefits) and organic if possible.. all the above products are available in that form, if you can find them..

    I used dried goji berries last time (just cut them up fine), and shelled and crushed some macadamias and threw them in… gunna try ginger and raisin maybe next? I wonder if i soaked the raisins in port/tokay they would get that rum/raisen flavour..

    Yee-har!! I LOVE today!! :laugh:


    Oh! I think the main thing is not to introduce too much other water/liquids? So dried fruits etc is best?

    And if you are adding any extra oils/liquids make sure they are warmed up before adding it to the chocolate mix, so it doesnt ‘cool’ the mixture down?

    Happy cookin! :cheer:


    Yay healthy choc… full of antioxidants… yumbo.

    You can get most of the raw ingredients online from these guys.

    Super high quality ingredients too…. so a little goes a long way.

    Bee pollen is another nice thing to add.

    And not only will you not put a scrap of weight on eating this joyous lusciousness… but the agave sweetener can even be used by diabetics… as it doesn’t raise the blood sugar…

    Do your own research first though…

    Thanks Talking Trees…. you’re inspiring me to get back into things, that have fallen by the wayside in the last few months.

    You’re a gem :hug: :hug:


    I got excited, then crashed back. Unfortunately, agave syrup isn’t any better for you than sugar or honey (all high fructose) 🙁 But then, I reckon if I ate cocoa nibs, that would probably be sweet enough for me anyway 🙂


    wow, i didn’t realise it could be so easy to make chocolate – makes you wonder why there are so many ingredients listed on a packet when it really only needs these few. I’m going to try this soon!!


    TalkingTrees – to make the amount of chocolate in your photo, how many times the recipe did you use? I can’t see how about 5 tablespoons of ingredients can make that much chocolate!


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