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Child welfare advice/info?

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    Sounds like you guys are doing everything you can…. :hug:

    Just one suggestion… When you deal or talk with a department ask them for a reference number and a name…. Keep track of every call or meeting with the date and a little note to yourselves about what was said and any actions they said they were going to do or look into…

    It will keep them honest and you will have a record of your dealings….:tup:


    Thanks Chezza, good idea. Wouldnt have thaught of doing that.


    Hubby is feeling a bit off today. (I think it’s more stress related then anything – so don’t worry we aren’t spreading swine flu around or anything) So he is going to take the day off, speak to his gp about counselling (apparently you can see if you are eligible for 12 free sessions) and drop into the local child welfare place and see if he can get some info/advice.

    So today will be a good day to really get the ball rolling.

    I think my “morning” sickness is starting to settle down 🙂


    Everything is going ahead now. 🙂


    Will have you and your family in my thoughts DL – it will be a rough ride, but better if you have professional help to support you on the way …:hug:


    I think we are both feeling a fair bit better already. He spoke to welfare and yes they can’t do much but at least he is now in the system.

    And DH has been to his gp and has a referral for counselling. I am very happy and relieved that things are coming together and moving forward.

    Thanks for all the support guys. I do feel blessed to have so many people who care.

    mary dollmary doll


    You are in my thoughts, is there anything any of us can do to help?


    John and ZoeJohn and Zoe


    Hope everything works out well for your family.




    Debby-Lee I have only just caught up with this thread. I am so sorry for all the people involved, so very sorry.

    It is good to hear that your DH has organised counselling for himself. I agree with whoever it is who said that you might like to consider counselling for yourself also.

    I hope your wee nephew is somehow kept safe and that he finds only the best kind of love to support him as he grows.



    I might, I think I will see how Pete goes for now, be there for him and try to be as supportive as possible.

    Honestly I just don’t really feel like my problems are so important right now, I am just so relieved that things are moving forward.

    I am open to the idea. Hell I would go as far to say it is likely I will follow, but I’m just not really thinking about me yet. (I know that might be silly or naive) Right now I just want to make sure everything gets followed up for Pete.

    mary doll – Just talking about things to you guys has been helpful. All of the advice has prompted us moving in the right direction. I don’t really think there is anything else I am needing. I think it was just admitting that things are crap was a relief.

    Thank you though. I have never been one to enjoy so much attention and normally don’t share much. But having a place to vent a bit has given me a bit more of a realistic perspective instead of just what was going on in my head.


    Glad things are moving along now and that your DH’s doing something for himself as well for his own family.

    Lots of :hug: to you all.

    Must be very exciting with the incoming baby scan!

    Cheers! :hug:


    I’m glad things are starting to move along. I’m keeping you all (especially the poor little boy 🙁 ) in my thoughts, keep us posted and hopefully there will be an outcome which will improve the lives of everyone involved.

    Stress and pregnancy are not happy bedfellows – we had a great deal of family stress for about a month when I was 30 weeks, and I found it emotionally and physically exhausting, so I hope you can relax just a little and enjoy the suspense of finding out whether you’ve got a little boy or a little girl!! (And please share that when you do!!)


    Thanks darls and becca.

    The stuff with the stepfather all came out when I was pregnant lastime. (and various crap since then)That is a big part of why I am so relieved this time. I’ve said I’m not sharing this time, I’m going to be “selfish” and we are just going to look after us. So the sooner we can start to accept things are out of our hands and start to focus on the GOOD things that are happening for us the better.

    I feel I sacrificed more then my share last pregnancy and I’m just not going to do that again.

    I’m going to sit at home looking after my little boy, myself and become adept at knitting and sewing 😀

    Hubby knows where I am at and agrees, its just the turning yourself off thing he needs to get used to.


    Wise words debby-lee… :hug:


    You have a fabulous outlook DL, we could all take a lesson from what you say I reckon :hug: :kiss1:

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 60 total)
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