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    Hello everybody, my girls all have really bad mites that they got at our old house.

    The minor birds found their chicken run a great meeting place. When we moved i thought i would be able to erradicate the mites with ease but this is proving more difficult than i thought. Their new pen is fully fenced so that the minors cant get in. They have improved a bit but still have along way to go, it has been two months know. I use a flee chicken powder, change the straw often and disinfect their perches etc. Does anybody have any other ideas to get rid of these troublesome mites.


    Hello mskity,

    When you say mites do you mean the ones that have the sclaes on their legs stand out? If yes we have had good success with rubbing our chickend legs with vaseline/oil and rotating the perches. If it’s lice we have had success with putting a lot of dolarmite/lime throughout their pen.

    Best of luck.


    I use diatemacious earth (and that’s probably not how you spell it 😉 ), sprinkle it through the pen and onto the chooks


    Try limewashing their house and perches too. Wormwood and tansey in the nestboxes may help too.


    Thank you so very much everybody, i am going to try all of the suggestions. My girls and i appreciate your advise.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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