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Check your house insurance policy if you have chooks

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    Just got a quote from an insurance agency for house and contents. Well I should say I only got half way through and when I mentioned a chook shed :confused: They chap said “whoa, do you have chooks? we can’t cover you”. I asked him if it was April Fools day. “buddy every 2nd backyard has chooks now” well apparently not in Melbourne.

    A dog is fine….even a budgie, but not my chookens….

    Guess I had better check my current provider :p



    What the ????:jawdrop:

    I’m completely dumbfounded!!!

    What on earth do chooks have to do with house and contents insurance??:shrug:

    Judi BJudi B

    What about children?

    I think kids would do more damage than chookies.


    Chooks are classed as Livestock. They could get dear 3 old gals and cause a raucous on the road and cause a 3 car pile up

    The kind man did suggest I cook a sunday roast this weekend and solve the problem 😐

    This is one of the better known insurance companies


    I will have to say I agree.. completely insane policy.

    I really don’t understand the relevance.

    Judi BJudi B

    DH just reminded me several years ago neighbour couldn’t get insurance from his usual company because he was on a rural block…. needless to say he changed quick smart.


    Just got off the phone to insurance co. as i couldn’t believe what I had heard

    Apparently I can have chooks and be insured, as long as I don’t sell the eggs.

    I did ask that they speak to the chap who told me to cook my chooks for sunday roast to get up to speed on the policies


    We had to change companies when we moved here because ours didn’t cover properties over 5 acres – so we have actually got ‘rural’ insurance now.


    we had to get some sort of farm insurance when we were on 70 acres. anotehr thing lots seem to not be aware of is if you own a house with fibro commonly i think associated with asbestos, your standard home insurance won’t cover for teh demolition and removal of that material or teh decontamination, they will cover the removal of house frame and slab and rebuild. think some companies have extra premium, but best insurance is don’t buy a place with fibro in or on it.



    We are with Pensioners insurance. I haven’t mentioned the chooks or the sheep. :metal::shrug:

    Won’t say anything. Most chooks are kept in pens mine never get out their pen is big enough for another 4dozen chooks.:kiss1:

    The previous tenant kindly put a plastic barrier on the gas part of the oven. What a mess I had to clean up after. All because she didn’t get her bond back. She didn’t keep the place clean or pay her rent so I suffered.:shrug:

    Ave a goAve a go

    Hi All,

    The issues would be around the Liability section of your policies – If they got out and caused damage or if your eggs made somone sick, not that domestic policies are designed to cover ‘businesses’.

    Had a quick look at a couple of Policy Wordings and:

    NRMA Exclude Under Liability –

    an incident caused by an animal, except:

    – if it is a pet dog, cat or horse kept in

    your home or on the site, or

    – if it is a pet horse kept off-site on


    NRMA also exclude damage caused by animals kept on your site.

    Allianz – I am unable to find any such exclusions

    Len, I am not sure where you comments re asbestos come from????? I can’t find any mention of this in the wordings I have looked at. They do not cover liability resulting from asbestos but there does not seem to be a problem with ‘Removal of Debris’ –

    NRMA –

    We will not cover you or your family if liability

    arises or results from: asbestos in your home or on the site

    Allianz –

    claims arising directly or indirectly out of or in

    any way connected with, the existence, at any

    time, of asbestos;

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