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    Unlike woolies, aldi have mostly aussie fruit and veg, IGA are pretty good for local produce, not that I buy much fruit and veg but I do shop at Aldi and like Chezza there are certian things that I buy elsewhere (thats the place it’s always fine)

    I have to wonder if we would be so fussy if there was no choice at all.


    The hubster works for Woolies. A few years ago we attended the whizz bang conference that they hold for managers. Goes for a week, partners are coerced into attending as well. Right pain in the behind the whole thing was.

    What was interesting was that at the compulsory seminar for partners of managers I was seated next to the wife of the then head of Walmart. I asked her as well as many others at the conference just why the head of Walmart was at a Woolies conference and was not given an answer AT ALL! Major changing of subject, loads of people avoiding eye contact etc etc. I have conspiracy theories to burn about it but can prove nothing.

    Despite the other half still working for them I do not shop at their supermarkets. He still gets invited to conferences, we decline as politely as possible. Mind you, when they’ve got the cheapest fuel in town I fill up there and it’s often hard to beat their liquor specials. Hard, but not impossible.

    Aldi provide locals with jobs. As do every other supermarket. By boycotting any of them we are potentially putting a family member, neighbour, acquaintence or friend out of a job.

    I rarely purchase fresh fruit or veg any more and when I do I usually choose to buy from a local small business holder. They get most of their produce from Newcastle markets and who the hell knows where it comes from before that.

    When I do have to purchase anything from a supermarket my choice of store is based on how close is it to home and which one is offering better value for what I’m after on any given day. I’m one of the lucky ones I guess, having an Aldi, Coles and Woolworths in the same shopping centre and a Bi-Lo on the way there. Sadly no IGA unless I want to drive 30 minutes or more in another direction.

    The worm farms sound good value Anon and if I didn’t already have a rather large one I’d be in there like a shot tomorrow to have a look and probably purchase. Sorry to get on the bandwagon and hijack.




    they are all as bad as each other , but saying that at least aldi source a lot of their generic products from aussie companies.

    take thier honey…. its as aussie as it comes and pure, and if they didnt source it from an aussie companie that little companie would go bust just like so many have over the years.. its the aldi contract that keeps them afloat. ( heard it in a news story a while ago.. i think it was a SA or king island supply who does organic but cant survive on just that alone))

    I watch the specials, and do my shopping where its cheapest. like many we r paying off a mortgage and have 3 children so am going to make a decision as to whats best for this family ( as i am sure you all are when its about your own family situation) ,I would love to be able to but wholy aussie stuff, but in reality ,,… not going to happen..

    and as for our country being in debt? we were ( as a country ) completely out of debt before the labour govt came into power, in fact it was positive.. and thats been well and trully stuffed up now.

    ( getting off the soap box) next person pls…….


    Shangri LaShangri La

    I find plenty of Aussie products in Aldi whereas many of Woolies ‘select’ brand products are imported. I agree with starkravinmad – I’d rather save some money with Aldi and I still buy stuff at Woolies and IGA that Aldi don’t sell. The advantage of having Aldi is that they have forced the other 2 to become more competitive. My main gripe about Aldi is that their fruit and veg is overpackaged …but then it is better quality and cheaper than Woolies


    To put this back on the worm farm track a lot of councils will sell worm farms for less, you just have to call them to check.

    Your local council recycle centre may handle them for the councils.


    Yep! What he said! Our council sells Realn Worm Farms for $49.99. I have two of them, one Can of Worms and one Tumbleweed worm farm. I do like the council ones very much and am always finding additional trays on the side of the road.

    Shangri LaShangri La

    Good point CCBear, a few of us did go off track espousing the joys of Aldi!!

    Actually, someone on EG forum mentioned that they had bought a Worm Cafe from Bunnings (I think) and that baby snails hatched out in the coconut fibre (imported) so beware and check if the council sells them.


    I’m starting an organic food co-op for the things I can’t grow here and build worm farms from things found at the tip…

    Just my approach to things, getting ready for that post carbon future as much as I can…




    Styrene box’s are another good recycle worm farm as well


    Styrene box’s are another good recycle worm farm as well

    Unless the chookies can get at them then they eat the boxes.

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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