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Cheap Meat, But At What Cost

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    The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG Former High Court Judge, Patron of Voiceless


    Its eye opening

    We just bought half a cow for $600 black Angus cut up to how we want it

    I did a quick check in Woolies the same amount would be over $2000

    Our meat is fresh and tender not like my father used to say “you can reshoe your boots with it” :laugh:


    Don’t have enough download to watch a vid but would be grateful if someone could let me know what this is about.

    Very interested in food sources.


    yes i’ve been waiting to get the jist of it text as well, the bit where in woolies a certain amount of meat would cost $2k, not that we would ever eat coles and woolies meat, may not tell the whole story? i watch landline and cattle prices often lower than teh year before but never hardly at $2 a kilo, so huge disparity between market prices that farmers clamour over and what it is sold for in shops.

    we simply can’t afford the $28++ price for rump steak.



    Robyne, you’re in SA, aren’t you? What butcher did you get the meat from? I don’t have enough freezer space for anything like that at the moment, but I’m trying to find a good place to go, even if it is out of the way for me.



    I have been looking at getting a side of beef myself and have found a butcher where you can pick between 3 breeds and you can choose how long you want it dry aged for (they recormend at lest 14 days) and if you want grass or grain fed, but it will be $7kg but they do deliver for $35 so that works well for me. For that much of a choice in what I get to eat I’m happy to pay the $7kg. A lot more farms are selling their beef this way and good for them, they seem to be making more money and we pay less.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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