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    Has anyone experience with celeriac growing, I have grown from seed, tops have grown beautifully but no root bulb!! what did I do wrong? the seeds were grown in jiffy pots (august) till they were large enough, then planted in the garden(october) then beginning of february I started to pull them out of the ground, NO BULB only lots of fine roots….and I was looking forward to cook celeriac mash,soup etc

    Any ideas?

    Happy Gardening


    Don’t actually know but suspect they are biennial and make the root in the second year. That’s what mine did anyway.

    They’re pretty tough, so if you’ve only just pulled them up, I’d stick them back in and water well. They do seem to like a fair bit if water.


    Yeh they take a long time to grow. You should have lkeft themin longer. They probably taste better after a frost.

    I feed mine on a diet of 1 litre of smelly weed tea every week or so and plenty of water. They are related to celery and they love water too.



    Thanks guys, we live in the mountains about 700 m above sealevel, inland from mid north coast so we do get oodles of rain, more than enough this summer!!! and unfortunatly I cant replant them again, since they laying limply on the compost heap lol

    will try again



    I’d still cut most of the stalks off and replant the roots and heart bit – they really are amazingly tough. And if it don’t work – what have you lost?


    will do that thanks Marigold!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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