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cause and effect – too much dealing with effects and not enough on cause; me thinks

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    in my training as middle manager there was a big emphasis on identifyin cause and effects.

    the 1st lesson it will never ever work whilst an effect is treated as a cause.

    that is teh sad state of thise new climate science, as they only need to support popular as they think it is theory.


    increasing heat = effect

    dryer weather = effect

    flooding = effect

    cooling = effect

    won’t go into rising/falling sees and melting ice they are seasonal, and venice is sinking nothing to do with rising seas, or else germany and holland would be going under as well to name a few. just admit with the technology of the time they did well now let nature reclaim it. take not but teh island they grow their vege’s on is not sinking.

    ok said all that to say this:

    CO2 =an effect

    to find course they need to look for the massive damage to nature caused by the greedy they prop up.

    when water restrictions were on people cut out and pulled their belts in an paid more for water, whilst industry that used water simply used it and passed the extra cost on the end line consumer, not realy right is it every one should feel the pain, not just us suckers at the end of the line.

    object lesson the carbon tax industry will do the same, if industry stays on shore so they got to china who don’t have thoughts of such penalties for their poor end line users. so up goes unemployment in real terms.

    none of the above has much effect on the wealthy rapists of the environment.

    so i would suggest the real cuase of this man made climate change is massive destruction of the earths habitat systems. teh rot continues.

    take care lets try and get this right instead of making the poor suffer more.



    Man is the cause


    we agree on that snags,

    just blame the correct level of man might be those you applaud, politicians dna teh wealthy string pullers.

    but we aren’t allowed to talk those things here, so ahve a nice day.



    Of course you can discuss it gardenlen.

    Just abide by the Rules. :shrug:


    gardenlen post=352203 wrote: we agree on that snags,

    just blame the correct level of man might be those you applaud, politicians dna teh wealthy string pullers.

    Lets start by being factual,about your assumptions of what I believe.

    I don’t applaud the vast majority of politicians or the wealthy string pullers,I despise them and have stated that clearly.

    I think I’ve made it clear over all my posts that the only politicians I support are the ones who are aware of the problem and suggest a solution not a band aide because of fear of upsetting the electorate/status quo.

    Its not just the rich who are the problem,they cant be rich without customers, or if people vote in a a way that elects a government that enacts laws to stop them raping and pillaging.

    How long will it take before we start blaming only yuppies and forest clearing and ignoring coal industry,the oil industry and overpopulation and then start ranting incoherently about cutting overseas aide,the inadequacy of medicare and your last grocery bill ?

    The problem is simple, too many people, living beyond the sustainable carrying capacity of this planet, burning too much fossil fuel and too much land clearing.

    The solution is less people, living a simpler more sustainable life.

    The problem is people who are making money/living a comfortable life under the current model don’t want change.

    The problem is its very cheap to destroy the environment.


    so what do you propose?

    slaughter all the common folk, who unlike the fad driven yuppies and wealthy only by what they need for existance, modern homes are too expensive and are mainly built from plantation timbers planted where once necessary habitat stood.

    anything we need down at this level all costs heaps and mostly imported ore is shipped out and comes back as steel, magnificent trees at least in tassie clear felled so as to cause at least errosion to make paper when maybe flax could be grown?

    so if we make the poor who have no idea why life is getting difficult the problem/cause, then the wealthy and gov’ manipulators rub their hands with glee especially when folk like your self come out in support of them by blaming the wrong humans. and if hate can be built up between the haves and have nots even better for the gov’.

    just watching “worst disasters” on abc, common people with no say or infuence suffer horrible deaths under mud and rock slides, in one case pointed fairly and squarely at the gov’ allowing developers to clear fell at the top.

    so right now unless you are going to call for hunting season on the poor and welfare livers the only cause is clear felling for agricultur, timber industry, housing industry etc.,. etc.,.

    land degredation = cause; of uncomfortable climate all of which i might remind you has happened before(so don’t get to shock horror chicken little about “the sky is falling” “it is falling”) ok a couple days here and there above recorded levels (records not kept beyond oh! i dunno 300 to 500 years ago) so we really don’t know what happened in the life time of the planet. qld has ahd these heat days 40 or so years ago, that goes back beyond co2cc which is max 30 years vintage.

    so my wife and i are here yes we buy things, tv’s last us up to 20 years, computers regularly last us 10 years, printers that hardly get used last 10 years. so what now are you going to come gunning for people like us??

    still no humanity to be seen from the worshippers of the mythological based science, no truth either. yes i get angry we worked 50 years or so we paid high taxes(that the gov’ wasted) and health insurance, and we get to this stage then we get reated worse than termites, there are those of us and others we are still HUMAN beings. now there is no public health or dentist.

    so ok why not use the poor people you seem to detest to help you repair what your rich friends casued and what yuppies cause as they are high end resource users, we can only afford second hand cars and we borrow a mower, not that we mow often. we have allocated 200 sq/m’s for a bird habitat gardens but the whole block will have all sorts of trees.

    mass population needs basic things ie.,. food, power, a home, something to wash cloyhes with, water etc.,. we don’t require oppulance.

    did you see current affiar last night?? that is the real australia for a lot of people. if we lobbed a caravan in our back yard to give someone a place to live the council would trounce us big time afer some yuppy would have dobbed us in, it happens very often in this estate.

    is an appointment needed for someone to come and do the dirty deed? would hat to be out and miss the event.

    there has been too much hedging around about the real life truth and too much ducking and weaving by teh real perpetrators.

    added in; we stand united as a community or we all fall.



    Locked. Locked. Locked.

    Received complaints regarding the type of language and scenarios depicted.

    I don’t know how long it will take for the message to sink in!

    If you’ve got a problem, try taking it up with your Local Council or MP.

    Feel free to PM me, or Admin, if you have any complaints about freedom of speech etc …

    Play nice – stop ranting – change the record or move on.

    Locked. Locked. Locked.

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