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    Mark this day in your diaries people, “Tully had an opinion,all of her own, noone else agreed with her, in fact some were not very happy with her, she didn’t die from this, Feb 1st, 2007” [Laughing]

    :clap: Before long you’ll be pissing people off as well as me and stark!


    I’m sure there are some who do agree with you tully. they just haven’t piped in yet. I doubt anyone’s unhappy with you having an opinion. If they are, they’ll get over it. :tup:


    But Tully miss :geek: , I was agreeing with you… :hug:


    I’m glad you’ve survived the 1st of February Tully :clap: and in theory I agree with you but then I live near Warragul and it’s easy to adapt to a few hot days here. I just spray myself with a water bottle and stand under a ceiling fan and I’m revived.

    My 80 year old mother in Melbourne used to do the same thing years ago but she has not gone a summer without air conditioning for the past 40 years and can’t cope without it. On the other hand I don’t think my grandmother was ever in an air conditioned building in her life and I never saw her as uncomfortable on a hot day as Mum is.

    Lady Bee

    Hey, Tully, don’t be so defensive just because some people didn’t agree with you. Your opinion and idea has a lot of merit and it would be great if it was that simple. However we all are, to some degree, governed as to where we live by many things. Where we are born; where our parents/family are; what we can afford; etc. etc. I would very happily live in southern Tasmania, but my family are all scattered round Victoria. There’s also a lovely little spot in the Loire Valley in France, but no way could I afford it. So there’s always compromise between what you’d really like and what you can afford.

    When I used to commute in Sydney, there were people who lived south of the harbour who commuted to North Sydney or Crows Nest to get to work and people who lived in North Sydney, Crows Nest etc who commuted to south of the harbour to work I always thought it would be ideal if people just swapped jobs with someone from the opposite end of town to alleviate the traffic snarls and train crowds. But it would be very difficult in practice. Same with your great idea about people living where the climate suits them.

    Now about that 100 acres in the south of England. Just near Dartmoor in Devon would be good…… :tongue: πŸ˜‰


    I don’t need people to agree with me Barb, it was Rhonda that mentioned the ‘people agreeing and haven’t piped up yet’ thing, I *can* have an opinion of my own, I’m almost old!

    It’s funny ‘cos I actually got the impression it was the air conditioner users that were being defensive πŸ˜‰

    Nevertheless, I’m sincerely sorry that you are ill and need to be cool, obviously there are many situations where air conditioning is a necessity.


    i find people dont mind you having an opinion on here tulls …its just when it differant to theirs they get annoyed or you dont fluff it up with words thst make them feel all nice and warm inside:lol:

    Think what tullys trying to say if you have a A/c your a pretender but she way to nice to say it:D:lol::mad:


    We have very hot dry summers here and being on the coast you would think it would be cooler but we have had hotter days than Adelaide. I do use the house air con as hubby is asthmatic and it’s no fun getting it under control enough to take him to the hospital. Humidity makes him worse.

    In the Times Paper in Victor Harbour [is on the internet] about the owner of StrathSteam had built himself an electric car and he gets good distances form it. The one he is doing at the moment is a berina.

    Maybe it will give some ideas to build there own.


    I started this thread because I was seeking solutions or suggestions from others about things I may not have thought of doing.

    Now, like so many others recently, it has deteriorated into a ‘tit-for-tat’ posting.

    Thank you.:noapprove:


    I offered solutions newepoch.

    *Don’t turn on air cons, you WILL live. (unless you are frail or infirm, obviously)

    *Move to where the weather suits you better.


    Yes Tullymoor

    I read those.

    Thank you

    Lady Bee

    You’re right, Newepoch, sorry. :noapprove: I promise no more titting or tatting from me.

    Alternatives for cars I guess depends on what you want/need to use one for. If you just need something to pop down the street to get a bit of shopping then a bike with a basket on will do fine. If it’s to get to work and you have a long distance to travel, then a pushbike isn’t going to cut it. A motorbike might, but whether you’re brave enough to ride one in traffic is something you’d have to decide. Also have to work out clothing. In some areas public transport isn’t an option. Horse and cart perhaps? But where do you park your horse when you get to the other end. Can you get a hybrid or electric car or is that not really a viable option. Also need to keep in mind what other uses. I think it could be false economy to buy say a motorbike to get to work but you still have to have a large car because you’ve got 5 kids to cart round on the weekends. It’s a very hard question as they all cost money, resources etc.; some more than others and you’d need to weigh up the cost to the benefit.

    Alternatives to air conditioning. Eaves! Eaves! More eaves! So many new houses these days have dispensed with eaves to get just that tiny bit bigger house on the block. Result is no shading on the windows. Aspect of house – don’t have lots of glass facing west. Pergolas with deciduous vines are great (can highly recommend wisteria). They block out the hot summer sun and yet let the sun in during winter so you can benefit from the warmth. Whirlybirdy things in the roof so that the hot air escapes from the roof space. Insulation in the walls and roof. Someone mentioned ducts under the floor which is a great idea; not sure how you’d do it with a slab already in situ though. Taking advantage of the cooling breezes by opening all your doors and windows and letting the air flow through. This can be a problem for some people who feel unsafe unless they’re locked up like Fort Knox. There’s film stuff you can put on your windows to keep a lot of the sun out, but I don’t like that idea as it means you can’t take advantage of the warmth in winter.

    For my money, shade is the go, whether it be eaves, pergolas, awnings or trees. My personal favourite would be trees, but they take a while before they grow tall enough to combat the sun at its zenith.

    Good luck in your deliberations.



    I am one who agrees with tullymoor

    airconditioning is a luxury an if we westerners dont cut our usage of power for luxuries people in third world countries are going to die from drastic effects of global warming

    and I type this sitting sweating in 40C , tomorrow will probably hit 45C like it did last weekend and we dont have aircon and I am an old lady and not verywell

    I have never had aircon and the kindest thing you can do is start aclimatising your children to no aircon because here in WA it is becoming clear that western power connot keep up power supply to run so many aircons and it will only get worse



    Surely the most endearing feature of the Aussie sense of humour is to banter/stir each other, good-naturedly, back and forth? Call it ‘tit-for-tat posting’ if you wish but how can you arc up about your thread not being all you’d hoped for and then answer my (legitimate) post in such a dismissive and condescending way?

    Bugger this for a joke :tdown:

Viewing 14 posts - 61 through 74 (of 74 total)
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