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    Hello all,

    I have been growing carobs for close to 10 years and have finally transferred some of my heirloom varieties from my parents farm down to the Peninsula.

    The varieties I have are Sfax, Clifford, Tandanya and my own varieties that are now beginning to crop.

    There are many carob trees on the peninsula but most are male or wild stock. I’m happy to give anyone grafting wood to get a crop. if a carob is planted correctly on the peninsula they will reach the water table in about 3 years and be self sufficient. If anyone has any questions please pm me.


    FIGS – food of the gods

    I recently met an Italian gentleman with a garden to die for. Apart from the 20 year old carob he has a huge collection of fig varieties which I suspect are mostly heirlooms.

    Due to space I’m now in the process of multi grafting varieties onto my own trees. Anyone who wishes to have cuttings , graft wood or more information let me know. If you know of ANY trees that are unusual/heirloom and wish to share cuttings please contact me.

    This is one of my favourites





    Thanks E42,

    I would be interested. what do I do with graft wood to get carob to grow? I would also be interested in some fig cuttings from any you think would do ok in Central tableland NSW.

    Many thanks



    Hi GM,

    graft wood is the same principle as with fruit trees. you graft a small bud or piece of a known variety onto an existing tree. you need an existing carob tree in this case to graft onto.

    this gives you a known variety /flavour and yield and as the wood is mature should start producing in a few years.

    i have carob seeds and will send you some but it would take 1 or two years for the seedling to get big enough the graft onto.

    figs are very hardy they like warm/hot and dry so i think NSW should be fine for most varieties.

    send me your address and i’ll send you some.

    just give them lots of tlc (water) in the first season.

    fig cuttings are just a small piece of branch that is kept in a moist environment so roots grow.

    How to grow a fig tree from a cutting part 1


    Hello, i have just bought two carob plants from the diggers website. I dont know what variety they are.

    Our family have a farm at Myponga South Australia. You mention you are on the peninsular? what peninsular is that? You might be a neighbour.

    We have about 8/9 fig trees ( mostly young – around 2/3 yrs old)

    We have what i think is a white adriatic tree that would be close to 30 years old.

    If you have any spare cuttings to give away they would be appreciated.

    We would have well over 150 fruiting plants/trees on our 10 acre property and we may be able to do a trade.


    Hi Russ,

    I’m on the Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne Vic.

    most of the fig cuttings are actively growing so we may need to wait for winter.

    i have approx 10 varieties with only 1 “named” commercial variety as they are mostly cuttings from Greek/Italian immigrants.

    i plan on inspecting the trees soon to take photos and sample fruit and will post them here so we have an idea of the best ones.

    i also know someone with about 10 varieties of his own so plan inspecting his when in fruit soon.

    carobs from diggers are most likely “wild stock” from seed so may be male, female or a hermi. confirm with them if you like to be sure.

    it is always best to direct sow carob because of there taproot but i have planted seedlings and cuttings with fairly good success.

    it is very important to give the carobs plenty of TLC for the first few years as you would a normal fruit tree……water at least once a week.

    i would recommend find out how deep your water table is to see if they can reach it.

    i have plenty of seeds so will send you a batch if you want to try starting some of your own seedling.PM ME YOUR ADRESS

    also happy to send you some grafting wood about March if you can get those diggers seedlings big enough by then. remember LOTS of TLC in the first few years will give best results.

    any questions let me know


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