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Car Spiders

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    Tassie Tiger

    Any ideas, suggestions, recommendations for dealing with those pesky little spiders that continually construct webs in the junctions between the panels on your car, around the mirrors, wipers headlights etc. :shrug:

    Judi B

    We don’t have that problem probably our problem solves the spider problem…. we have frogs that get under the bonnet and in the doors and anywhere a frog can squeeze…. also the wasps here take care of lots spiders.


    Surface spray? I drive my car so little that spiders anchor my car down.


    I just gently wipe away the webs and live with it 🙂 A little lemon oil, carefully applied should discourage them. Be careful with paintwork/trims, maybe test a dab first.


    No Spider problems here, must be wasps,geckos, birds and frogs doing their job.

    Cant say the same about ants though

    They crawl in when the wet season is about to start or just in search of a packet of tic tacs in the centre console.

    Spose I good surface spray the tyres,plant penny royal or tether an echidna in the car park but cant be bothered I just shake, sweep or kill them as I see fit.

    Tassie Tiger

    Thanks for the feedback people :tup:


    Personally I am on the live and let live side of things. They get vacuumed out when I clean the interior of the car. This happens about every three or four years, so there are many peaceful generations that find shelter there.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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