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Can you survive for three days?

Home Forums SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES Peak Oil – where are we headed? Can you survive for three days?

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    Wow dotty, that is impressive. Well done you.


    Thank you, Mauzi!

    I started doing this when I watched what the survivors of Hurricane Katrina had to try to live through and then when Cyclone Larry hit our home soil how our own people suffered.

    People thought I was a bit crazy with my preps.

    After Cyclone Yasi hit I feel more than just a touch vindicated and more determined than ever to continue to prep, expand my knowledge base and refine my techniques.


    I think most people on these type of forums would have at least a weeks supply of food, after all how hard is it to keep a container of pasta or wheat bix and powdered milk in the cupboard.

    The main problem with many city people is that they forget that if the power goes off or there is flooding etc there will be no water and sewerage. How many of you who live in town have either a water tank or a weeks worth of drinking water and a camping/portable toilet? Maybe many people here but not many ‘sheeple’ I would guess.

    You also have to remember toilet paper, batteries for torches, gas stove, and a heap of other emergency stuff you might need without power.

    I could easily live for a couple of months or more without supermarkets and power but most people don’t even consider what would happen, or might consider robbing other which is even more scary.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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