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    As I mentioned in another thread, we’re going to Sydney and we want to buy a weekender acreage. Yes, we’re still in Brisbane, but I want to think around the task now, because interest rates are said to go up next year (and who believes in the green shoots of he economy anyhow) so I want to get it all done asap.

    Apart from the fact that the acreage should be in a handy location close to a train station (for the times when petrol will not be available and for the possibility to travel eco-friendly)a financial frame and that it should have at least, say, 4 acres, I have still little idea how the acreage should look like.

    I want to plant heaps of different fruit, nut maybe timber trees, olives, bamboo. later we might live there so it should be possible to build a small house there.

    Some acreage offered is cleared (i.e.Goulburn) old pasture land. Some is bushland.

    Is it possible to plant other trees in between existing bushland do some forest agriculture or is cleared land always better to start with?

    How about the fire danger? In bushland, around Sydney? If you plant heaps of trees does the fire danger then increase or is this not necessary?

    (anyone interested subdividing a parcel of land?)


    It’s a long train trip to Goulburn, I have to say. Any acreage within cooee of Sydney (particularly with public transport) is going to cost big time. Establishing a connection between existing stands of bush may actually attract funding if you go about it the right way though. Have you tried If you search by area and price and land-size you will get an idea of what is available and how close to Sydney.


    Goulburn has been crispy and dry for some time now, the boss who lives down that way was warned to run at the first sign of smoke…

    Fire danger in the bush areas around Sydney is very high, and depending on the trees you plant will only get higher.

    Eucalypts and most natives suck the life out of the soil, so you’ll have a hard job establishing stuff underneath or between them without putting in a lot of extra material, and keeping that input up over their lifetime. Cleared land may be best if you’re interested in growing food, especially if you wont be getting there via vehicle to be able to transport stuff.

    You will have trouble finding acreage within walking distance of rail lines. If you expand that to cover bus lines you might have better luck, but it’s still going to be tough (but nothing is impossible!). Most land within the Sydney basin is booked out, if you head up north/north-west there is a lot of dense bush and it’s all really expensive as it’s weekend playground type stuff. Same for down south AFAIK.

    If you’re willing to travel 3+ hours then you can get out west over the mountains. Buslines begin once you leave Lithgow, unless you’re on the XPT all the way out, but it’s an infrequent service. You could get connecting bus services from somewhere like Lithgow or Bathurst out to some of the smaller towns, but the problem is that the closer to a village or town you are, the more you pay for acreage, and the closer you are to Sydney, the more you pay for anything.

    There’s a block up the road from here, about 10min walk from the bus stop, with a house etc, on about 6 acres iirc, and it’s retailing for around 375k the last time I spoke to the bloke. It’s roughly 4 hours out here from Sydney by car, so by train and bus you’d be looking at 6 or more, not counting timetabling differences.

    Oberon, which is closer in, has blank land going for 200k+ for 16 acres, but this wont be within the village, land with houses is all well over 300k.

    Check out the countrylink network map, which includes bus lines, and browse around for some options on the realestate sites:


    too much to realy be anyway difinitive, some suggestion already there but for that area down there and the type of fires they get i wouldn’t be wanting to ahve any forest trees at least within a minimum of 100 meters of the house and sheds. we have a bit of a essay about land baronage there might be some extra help there?

    and realistically acreage within easy walk of town rail sytem will cost an arm and a leg at least and be already built on and up.

    so if transport is the issue then rural is probably not for you.

    4 acres not huge, but if you ever pull the dream off you will need a pool or such for water and fire pump to fight your own fire with until emergency gets there and then they will want to use it as well.

    to take it out of dream status possible nightmare status, draw up a criteria, include, time and distance from emergency services includes doctors, what the mean average rainfall is for me it would need to be nothing under around 700+mm per annum, type of country euc’ scrub country not good country as the water table is likely to be at least brackish if not salty enough to grow prawns, there are indicators to picking good land with good water as the term is. rule of thumb the good land is never for sale when you want it.

    also for me we have never found much good land for sale west of the highway and not outside app’ a 50k from the coast strip, right now i reckon you would have a better chance here in qld of affordable land between brissy and say bundy, west of the range just simply misses out on lots of opportunity rain that the coastal strip gets.

    we where 30k from a major centre it took us 25 mins from the gate to get to town, that says an ambulance could take up to 45 minutes to get to you from you initial phone call.

    just some thoughts, a good criteria list will keep you on target. of course price per acre will need to be included, so do some real estate reseach of rural type lands and get a feel for price.




    Another thing to consider is which area in Sydney you will be living in because if you live in the Northern area and the land you are interested in is South or South West (or the reverse) you may have as much as 1 to 1 1/2 hrs travel before your even leave the suburbs which always seems to make the trip sooo much longer as you feel you are getting nowhere as you battle traffic congestion etc.

    Good luck with your search it can be very confusing so it helps to set your parameters so you can narrow the search and compare like with like.


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