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Butterfly grub food

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    Greetings all

    I am chasing seeds to the Swan Plant (Asclepias) the plant that the Monarch Butterflies grubs(Caterpillar) grow on. I am happy to buy or swap somthing if anyone would like.






    We have cotton weed that the caterpillars also eat, but cant send seed to WA, sorry.


    Look for african milkweed (picture here: )

    They thrive on this stuff around Perth, you can usually find it growing in derelict paddocks it outer suburban fringes and as it is a tall green perenial it usually stands out well amongst the dry brown grass this time of year.

    Once you recognise it yoiu will probably see it every where but I know of two places it grows from memory which are: a paddock to the west of Tonkin Hwy between Mills Road west and Kelvin road in Maddington, and to the west of Great Northern Hwy in Bullsbrook just south of Dewer Road from memory.

    I used to have some growing on my block but I eradicated it as it is a poisonous weed.

    Hope this helps

    Edit: From

    “Note: swan plant, also called cotton bush or milkweed (Asclepias fruticosa), is a declared noxious weed, and should not be grown. One of its relatives, the orange-flowered Asclepias curassavica, can be grown as a food-plant for the lesser wanderer.”

    I probably shouldn’t encourage you to spread a noxious weed, stick to the Asclepias curassavica and disregard my advice, also it is not the Monarch I have seen on the african milkweed but the Lesser Wander I assume as theu look similar.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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