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Bush tucker garden suggestions!!

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    Ooooppsss………………….apologies Ellice for the hijacking of your thread. :hug: :kiss1:

    I got a bit carried away………….:uhoh::o::p



    Many thanks for the link to SGAP sunflower ,looking forward to checking this group out:D


    I just had a book out from my local library recently called “Grow your own Bushfoods” by Keith and Irene Smith – (can recommend it as a novice!) Had decent info on huge range of plants/trees/herbs/berries as well as planting info propagation etc.

    I couldn’t find it for sale but maybe worth checking your local library, see what they have?

    Good luck with it :tup:


    Syzygium wilsonii (sp?) is one of my favourite lilly-pillies. It has bright red flowers and tasty white fruit. I still haven’t managed to grow one at home despite several attempts. I do know that they germinate quite readily from fresh seed. Alas i’ve lost my access to fruiting plants to try again.


    Thought i would bump this as the SGAP event is on this Sunday at the mt Cootha botanical gardens in Brissy.We’ll be heading down after the markets on sunday .Maybe will see some of you there:D


    middium (spelling?) berry bushes are one of my favs. very delecate flavor and easy to grow.


    bobbee where did you get your mountain pepper from????

    I have a few of bush tucker foods and would love to get more for my garden (here in Perth WA). I have lilly pilly, rose apple, finger limes and native red form of ginger.

    Daleys (online) sell some bush tucker.


    Hi, I am from Mackay and every time I go to Brisbane I go to the Northey Street Gardens in Windsor, they sell all types of edible and useful plants. Some plants mentioned above I have seen there: Mountain pepper, midyim berry, native ginger, water chestnuts, lilly pilly, finger limes and lots more.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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