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bureaucracy gone mad again

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    Actually it is an interesting thread more than ‘nice’ but we don’t have an emoticon for ‘interesting’ or not yet at least.

    As a raw milk drinker I am all for freedom of choice. I am so sick and tired of being told by ‘big brother’ what I may or may not do with my life and property.



    For anyone in Adelaide, here are the details of the meeting:

    (Quoted from email from Mark Tyler): “We are organising a meeting of shareholders for 7pm on Wednesday the 29th of May at the Adelaide West Uniting Church on Donald Bradman Drive. It will be great to get as many of you there as possible, I’m sure we’ll have media wanting to be there, and hopefully we will be able to get as many members of both houses of Parliament there as possible. You are also welcome to invite as many friends who are interested as you like.”

    They would like an RSVP if you want to go to the meeting, but I’m hesitant to post the email address here without asking. So, if you’re planning to go and haven’t received this information, please PM me for the email address. (I am asking, but haven’t got a reply yet.)

    Edit: Robert says okay, so please RSVP to (Replace _at_ with @ of course.)


    I’m with mummyjas, I’d like to know if anyone has raw milk on the north side of Adelaide.


    yeh would like to find someone with a house cow around here north of gympy.

    last time we drank milk hand milked in a yard stall with not single hitch only benefit, that’s how cows used to be milked, healthy cows that don’t need innoculation which corrupts the milk.

    its’ all about control and protecting the milk industry, not dairy farms as such.

    anyhow spotted a house cow in somones paddock so might have to put feelers out.



    jaden62 post=355995 wrote: I’m with mummyjas, I’d like to know if anyone has raw milk on the north side of Adelaide.

    It depends how far north you are, but if you’re in the metro area you should be able to get it from Moo View. See (but the prices are different now). You could also try here: as they deliver raw milk from Moo View or somewhere else.


    mummyjas post=355973 wrote: What rot, and a waste of resources, can’t they worry about things that actually harm people? like drunk people in the city on a Saturday night?

    Glad you were still able to get your milk and hope everything goes well at the meeting.

    On a side note, does anyone know if there is anyone north of Adelaide that offers raw milk? Would love to get a cow share.

    Sorry, I missed your question but I’ve just answered Jaden’s question, which was the same. Hope you can get it.


    Bear in mind that many milk ‘companies’ like Dairy Farmers are no longer Australian owned!



    Up here in the Beaudesert area we have a dairy farmer that has decided to do his own processing because he is fed up to the back teeth with the big Coleworths screwing his prices down and down until they are actually less than what it costs to produce the milk. Scenic Rim 4Real milk will be coming available soon. It wont be raw milk though (even though the Farmer knows that is the best way to drink it) because of the stupid ass regulations (so much for free choice- I can smoke myself to death but cant drink raw milk- go figure!)but it will be non homogenised and one of the volume offerings will be packaged in glass.

    Our little house cow is due to drop a calf in October so we will be drying her off two months prior and drinking Farmer Gregie’s milk.

    I cant believe this is happening in Australia as well as overseas. Crazy, crazy world. I am pretty sure the motivation behind it is money and profit rather than any true interest in public health.


    GirlFriday post=356027 wrote: I am pretty sure the motivation behind it is money and profit rather than any true interest in public health.

    Absolutely! That and the desire to control people.


    Mummyjas and jaden62 Organicbox (who i think is based north of adelaide) also does raw milk from Moo View

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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