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    I have a slater and earwig problem, I have lost 40 cucumbers and 80 sunflowers in 2 days to earwigs and slaters, and this is the second time the little blighters have gotten them this year. They are now heading for the corn, beans and melons, and I’m a bit scared to put out the tomatoes and the rest of my seedlings just to loose them in a couple of days.

    I have what seems like plague numbers here. I’ve tried vegetable oils traps, beer traps, eucalyptus and soap, newspaper traps, orange peels, and even the munns bug killer ( whilst the bed was empty between the first and second lost crops). I know it’s the earwigs and slaters as I go out at night and catch them in the act. I squish whatever I can but there are just thousands of them everywhere. I am growing everything in seedling pots and putting them out when they are bigger hoping that might have been away around it but the second time with the cucumbers they still got them. Any suggestions to get rid of them so I can get my vege patch going?
    I do have mulch on the beds, but it is away from the seedlings.

    Thanks Dell


    Steve Solomon recommends getting rid of mulch, and this is one of the problems he reckons it’s responsible for, as it forms a breeding ground for pests. You could try removing it entirely and see if that makes a difference.


     Have you tried Diatomaceous Earth

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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