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Broody bantams

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    hello all,

    Both my Belgian bantams have gone broody and since egg production has gone to zero I thought I might see if they’d hatch out some eggs. i have no rooster so does anyone have any fertile bantam eggs they can spare? I’m happy to pay postage and a few dollars for the effort or donate to your favorite charity. I’d be keen on any breed (cross breed is ok) that is small and friendly as I have a toddler. And any tips on raising the chicks as I’ve never done this before.

    Thanks – this is such an inspirational website!



    Hi Tarnie,

    I can’t help you with eggs, but a broody chook can be brought of of that state simply by giving her a bath in some tap temperature water. Fill a small tub enough to sink her in up to her neck. Hold her in there for about 2 minutes, long enough to drop her body temp. This snaps her out of being broody. Make sure you do it in the morning so she has time to dry before night fall.


    Hi Tarnie,

    Where are you located?

    My breeder could send you some Belgian D’uccle eggs, am actually hoping one of my girls goes broody so I can get some eggs hatched too! If you are able to – let the mum hatch them in a nest box that has been separated from the main pen – even a rabbit hutch would do – and she will eat the grower crumb as well as the chicks, until they are big enough to go in with your main flock. The Backyard Poultry forums are a a great resource for raising chicks – plenty of articles there!


    Thanks Osakasuz – I never knew you could do that! I’ll bear that in mind for next time. I bet my little chookies would look even tinier when they are wet & bedraggled. Maybe its the humiliation as well as the temperature that gets them off being broody!:lol:

    And Roquen, I’d love some more belgians. I’m in North Warrandyte,(north eastern Melbourne) and could pick up eggs if some weren’t far away. And thanks for the great tips. Just PM me (I’m new here and haven’t had a PM anyway!:D)

    Hmmm….I clearly need to source some cheap (free?) rabbit hutches anyway…I appear to have my son’s new bunny turning into a house rabbit.

    Cheers & thanks so much,


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