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    Herbman wrote:

    I’ve finally confirmed my route plan and have found a way to pass through all your towns (well, except Cairns, Maryborough and Syndey 😆 ) …



    Nev – I hope to jump on my motorbike early next year for a short ride through Sydney to Nowra and back … Will just be a 4-day weekend trip … Will post a thread when I’m ready and will make sure to stop in Sydney 🙂


    you must cos we miss out on seeing u too :confused: 🙁 🙁

    mind u our( nevs family n my family ) places are considered western sydney

    ( kinda like 60 km from it or thereabouts)




    andy sounds like such an exciting time for you. Shame you cant go thru Sydney I’m about 30km south and would loved to have met up. Never mind will catch up when you ride your motorbike- I must admit that a motorbike is much more to my taste than a push bike anyway. ( I cant even ride a push bike!!)

    Hope your journey is a safe one




    I will now be leaving Brisbane on 26 November to cycle to Melbourne. I’m finalising routes and new dates tonight.

    I will post rough location dates later this evening.

    I’m going to see what flights I can get to fly home from Melbourne for Christmas before returning to Melbourne and getting the ferry to Tasmania where I will spend another 3 or so weeks cycling and exploring.

    I have a favour – if anyone doesn’t mind me parking my treadly at their home for about 5 days while I return to Brisbane I would be eternally grateful. :shy: I hope to spend a couple of days in and around Melbourne after Christmas before heading to Tassie (as you can prolly understand, I’ll want to head home after 3-4 weeks away from DW 😉 )


    You’re welcome to park it here Andy although I’m way to far from Tullamarine to be of any convenience.

    I’m sure you’ll get a parking spot secured very soon.


    +enjoy the ride Herbman:wave: if you get to Ingham before you realise you going the wrong way call in for a cuppa :tup:


    Wow! What an amazing adventure! :tup::tup::tup::tup::tup: I can’t think of much better than such a long ride and hope I’ll get enough fitness back to one day do something similar.

    All the best for it Herbman! 😀 :tup::tup::tup::tup::tup::tup::tup:


    Tamandco I would love to take you up on parking bike. Tried to PM but we only have 20 PMs now in inbox so your inbox is full.

    Is there a train from your place to Melbourne so I can get to the airport? Would be nice to meet up and not to have to ride in the city proper.

    I will keep my inbox clear so that you can PM me …

    Sorry for public post – not other option atmos


    My dates for Melbourne –

    G2G at Humbugs – 19th December (see separate thread)

    Flight to Brisbane – 20th December 3pm

    Arrive back in Melbourne – 27th December 9:30am

    Ferry to Tasmania – 2nd January 9:00am

    Between 27th December and 2 January I will be picking up pushy from Humbug or Tamandco’s (depending on where the bike choses to hang out for a week) and then maybe cruise along the Mornington Peninsula to the ferry.

    I have a secret side trip planned – just an overnight train trip if the dates work for someone who I am about to PM.

    I now have time to catch up with Melbournites or Peninsulans should it work out.


    Melissa – Sorry for public post but can’t seem to respond to your PM about my visiting …

    Most likely be there in the afternoon


    Only 2 more sleeps …

    What’s more simple than having no obligations other than to eat, sleep and ride …

    Can’t wait for the smell of the gum trees, feel of the air on my skin, taste of camp cooking, sight of the country and experience of muscles burning from exercise.


    Wait ’till you ‘hit’ the Yarra Valley Herbie. ‘Tis a most beeuwwdifuuuul area. :tup::tup:


Viewing 14 posts - 31 through 44 (of 44 total)
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