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    I’m cycling from Brisbane to Melbourne in January 2010. The recreation leave is booked from work, the draft route prepared and family support obtained.

    If anyone lives enroute to Melbourne (country route – not coastal route) and would like to catch up – am happy to modify my route accordingly (remember though that I can only ride 80 – 100km / day).

    Also – who better to ask for likely weather and wind conditions than a bunch of gardeners.

    Approximate route: Brisbane – Rathdowney – Inerell – Gunnedah – Bathurst – Yass – Albury / Wodonga – Tumut – Healesville. Having regard to safety am not disclosing publicly exact route / timings. But am keen for ideas and tips.

    And of course to catch up with ALSers because that would be awesome!


    Can you take the scenic route via maryborough????:lol:


    Sounds like a stop over in the Yarra Valley is called for Herbman. Any excuse for a GTG.


    In January yikes! gonna be hot! Gonna be looking for some shady tree’s to sit out the hottest part of the day, I’m guessing.


    Have you got your sleepovers organized Andy ? I live about 20 minutes (in a car) from Healesville & you would be welcome to stay here :tup:


    Woz – This is a dumb question – but where exactly is the Yarra Valley? I hear about it all the time but am never quite sure where it is. Would love to stop there though 🙂 Sounds great from all accounts.

    RA – Yeah I know it will be hot. But I am pragmatic – 4 months of the year are too cold. 4 months of the year are too hot. The remaining 4 months are too far away because am already taking a 3 week holiday this Spring. We live in Australia so just have to put up with the heat. Ask me whether I agree again when I reach Melbourne 😆

    Humbug – I may just take you up on that offer. Thank you. 😀


    Ummm…Why? Why Melbourne? Why not Cairns?? :shrug:


    yep and when you get to the city I have a bungalow 20mins ride to the CBD with your name written all over it.

    Yarra valley will be fun at the end of the ride …. Couple of hills out that way..


    Hey there Dan – That would be lovely. Thank you. 🙂

    As for hills – think I will be used to them by the time I get to the Yarra Valley. There’s a few around the New England and also around Tumut area (or so I’ve been told)

    Lady Bee

    We’re about an hour and a bit from Albury/Wodonga. Fabulous cycle trails around these parts. Love to see you.

    <a href="”&gt;

    Great motorcycle country too….


    *wonders if Andy knows what it’s like in southern inland rural Australia in January* lol.

    47c in the shade is OK for riding tho isn’t it? lol


    Humbug – I may just take you up on that offer. Thank you. 😀

    I hope you do 😀

    … and Healesville is pretty much smack bang in the middle of the Yarra Valley 😀


    Hey Andy,

    If you stay at Humbug’s, I reckon I’ll get to meet you. Good one! :tup:



    Well, if you detour through loverly western Sydney we have a spare bedroom, mate!:D



    Hahaha – sorry Nev – Sydney will be a bit far out of my way this time 😆

    Just over 6 months until I leave. It will fly by because am going to China for 3 weeks before.

    Am looking forward to catching up with everyone :metal:

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 44 total)
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