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Brisbane School of Distance Education?

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    Me Again!

    I have been on many homeschooling sites now and although I would like to make up my own curriculim DP wants to go with the Distance Education Option.

    I am also fine with this atm but will see how the girls go and see what will best suit their learning style.

    I have been on the Brisbane School of Distance Education site and am very interested in hearing anyone that has gone this path and their experiences and thoughts. :tup:


    We are on Distance Ed for the 5 year old. Dont agree with the whole curriculum, eg in health child was encouraged to collect empty medicine packets and set up a play pharmacy – My rule for medicines is that kids don’t touch them without adult supervision, ever. As I also have a toddler who gets into everything big sister does, I dont want her to start thinking the medicine chest is just another toybox either, so that topic got itself skipped.

    Girl loves the contact with the teacher and the other children in the class, they come from all over, one is even in Japan! It is great to have all the readers and library books delivered, as well as educational toys and craft materials (We tend to find uses for the latter long before we get up to the lesson where we were supposed to use them!)

    I have enjoyed the experience very much, and teachers have been lovely. Girl is well up on reading/maths skills, should sail into school once our transport problems are resolved.


    My eldest son is doing year 9 through the BSDE. He is on a modified course due to having ASD. They are pretty good and helpful. I am finding it hard because i have to constantly be on DS’s back to do his schoolwork and he has a master’s in schoolwork avoidance!

    I also did my senior certificate through the BSDE as a married mother of two and they were very helpful.


    Greth, what a strange thing to do (the pharmacy). Did they have any problems with her not doing it? I will just send them out into the herb garden 😆

    Appreciate your feedback as the main reason I am happy with it is the fact they will see a ‘teacher’ other than myself and have a ‘class’. Also will keep me on track as I tend to go off it occassionally………

    GF – Has your son done Distance Ed up to year 9? I feel for you and I really hope it gets better. Great to know they are helpful, I was impressed by their website but thats all I know of them. 🙂


    We did distance ed for some yrs throught charters towers tho but know others who used Bris – they worked a little differently and it did seem a bit better then ours. But we were doing high school and eventually i did our own informal cirriculum for most of the learning but used their maths and english for formal learning.

    My eldest DS has returned to mainstream high school after working for 2 yrs and he stopped doing his schooling here at home near beginning of 2009 cos his work hrs were increased (he was doing yr 11 level.) He has slotted into school (he choose to go to yr 11 not 12) with no learning probs – in fact his maths teacher calls him a genius! – so we must have done something right:tup:

    I think the dist ed is a good starting point for those who are not sure or confident – good luck with it – relax and enjoy doing it – it’s not as daunting as it may seem:)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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