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Breeding Quail

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    Are any members breeding quil and can you post pictures of your set up and URL for best sites on the web for quail production.





    Haven’t had qual for a couple of years as they can be noisey, flighty little buggers. We used a large avery for the birds and collected the eggs for eating and used the incubator when we wanted to grow some for eating.

    Sorry, haven’t got any photo’s for you.


    Thanks RTB any information is welcome


    somewhere i saw ( sorry cant remember where ) said 1 male to (up to) 8 female. and have heard them being kept in large rabbit hutches as dont need height or extensive space.


    Hi ccBear, I breed quail. I have a few mish mash cages set up of differing shapes and sizes.

    My camera broke a few weeks ago and just out of warranty:rip: so cant give you any pictures at present.

    I think a requirement is to have the floor off the ground, they are very messy. Small wire so they can easily walk on and their poo falls through or they will eat it, yuk.

    I made a cage from 2 security screen doors as the sides (in the shape of triangle) and the floor was of small squared mesh. We enclosed one end with ply on all sides about two feet in length. At the other end put ply as the triangle joiner. Angle grinded out a hole in the middle of one of the screens, used a hatch off a boat as a small door. Then covered allover chickwire so safe from snakes and birds attacking.

    If i would do it again would put hinges on each end for easier access and an opening in the middle to reach eggs from all angles.

    I mainly use this one as a grower pen. I cover the top with sheeting and leave a bit uncovered at the end so they can have sun and rain whenever they want. Find they sleep out in that part mostly too.

    Any cage can be converted. I tried them on the ground in a 3m square pen and they just huddled in a corner. I hate having them in a cage but they are safer and cleaner there.

    Ratio is 5girls to 1 male, keeps the male busy and the smaller amount of girls the more feather picked they will be.

    I find them very quiet, the males are good alarms and dont often make noise unless there are a heap of males together.

    If you want to go commercial there are cages that are tiered, sell them and other equipment, but I wont put mine in that small of an area. I think Peak Crossing are the only company I know of in SE Qld that will kill your birds for you if you want to go into meat production.

    If you want to sell the eggs you have to jump through council hoops, spend lots of money and pay yearly fees.

    Sorry cant send you any pictures. Hope theres something there that will help.

    How many numbers were you looking at? Are they for eating or for eggs? as food will differ for each purpose.


    Thanks HVH Just finishing the chook pen now and was looking at setting up quail for home consumption only.

    Have used a 3m x 2.2m garden shed for the chook pen and was going to build the cages extending inside the chook pen and out into the yard about a metre of the ground. The inside section would give them protection from the weather and the outside section sunlight. Not sure if the two would go together.


    Hi ccBear, they should be okay.

    The quail poo is very strong and the chookies might scratch through it to get any uneaten food, quails love scratching their food.

    I put a container of dirt in each pen so they can have their much loved dirt baths and that always end on the floor and helps with the smell.

    good luck and have fun. I cant kill them yet, after a year of breeding them, I have to go and have a session with a friend to help me try it. I feel so guilty making the choice which one to live and which to die!!!! crazy I know.

    Good luck with it all.

    they are quite sweet natured mostly.

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