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    Any WW store that has its own bakery starts well before 4 am now to make buns, rolls, bread etc.


    For those wanting to make their own bread try googling bread in 5. With this idea you make a big batch and keep it in the fridge and take out what you need till you use up all the mix. I find it a great way to make my bread and only a few ingredients as well and you know what is in it as well.


    Simple Sourdough Starter for those interested:

    1 cup flour

    1tsp sugar

    1 cup warm water

    Mix it up in a large bowl or casserole and leave at room temp overnight. Refridgerate. To use it you take it out the night before and feed it, with the same thing you started it with, then use 1 cup with your regular bread mix, halve the added yeast and adjust the water. Bake as normal. Return the starter to the fridge! Simple hey! You can add yeast to the starter when you make it but its not necessary.




    Preservatives are scary things. When we were travelling in the USA 10 years ago we found a loaf of bread in the boot of the car that was still “fresh about 3 weeks after we had purchased it!!!!!!!


    Crystal how long does the sourdough yeast last in the fridge and can you explain the feeding process to me – do you make up a second lot and feed the old lot with it. I’m interested to give this a try so thanks for posting it?


    bread is generally a day or two old before it hits the stores anyway.

    we buy coles $1 – $1.50 loaves, I have a teenager who inhales a loaf after dinner everynight


    Just thought id share what i found today:

    Cleaning out behind the microwave earlier i found the usual assortment of empty bread bags, bread tags and toothpicks that fell out of the cupboard last week. I also found a bag of english muffins… Not unusual in my house for food to go missing… I cant keep track of it all. Anyway, i picked up the half full bag and noticed they were still soft. Thinking they were the new ones id just bought i went to put them back in the fridge, only to find the new bag already there… OK, i checked the tag… Best before 12 Dec 11… Umm, that was nearly a MONTH ago, and they were still soft and on inspection showed NO mould… Wonder what they put in your muffins..?


    :blink: :sick: That doesn’t sound too good Crystal.

    I’ve had my own bread experience this week. In my laziness of the silly season I have not been making my own (there is a dough in the breadmaker right now waiting to be made into bread rolls :whistle: )and have been buying wraps. Silly, silly me didn’t look at the ingredients the DS1 and I have been eating and put 2 and 2 together as to why his behaviour hasn’t been that great and I have been feeling very tired and unwell. They all had additives 220 and up in them. :dry: Now it’ll take a week to get out of our systems. Lots of water this week 😆


    I know lots won’t believe me, but the wheat in the bread is just as bad for your body as the preservatives are 🙁


    so what does a person do (apart from no bread at all) ???

    I don’t eat a lot, but do like the occasional piece of toast 🙂

    not to mention my cracker type biccies :laugh:


    Make your own at least you can control what you eat and how much of it.

    A friend on a gluten free diet has found spelt is good for her, but it might not be for someone else :shrug:

    My sons neighbour works for Goodman Feilder and he said he laughs when people tell him about the different breads they have and how it must be hard work doing all of them. He said all there is is white run and wholemeal the seeds are added on the way through etc. ALl that is different is the bags.

    All the muffins and crumpets come from NSW in a factory there. They make all brands. Sometimes they are a week old when we used to get them. So what you had in the cupboard was just a bit extra then what the date is.


    I do make my own

    I have approx 10kgs, of different bread flour atm lol

    sometimes I do get lazy, (like misty) and buy from the bakery, I know I shouldn’t, they say they don’t have preservatives, but something is certainly in the flour, :(, hopefully I have finally learnt my lesson lol

    I was playing on the word “wheat” 🙂


    hi muster,

    I too am trying out sourdough (I tried last year but my starter didn’t work cos I forgot about it), I have a book called “Wild sourdough, the natural way to bake” and this is the recipe I am trying.

    It is best to use the best biodynamic or organic wholegrain flour (wheat, spelt or rye) you can afford, use filtered (chlorine and flouride free) water. It says to mix flour with water to create a loose pancake batter. Leave to ferment in a warm spot 25 – 28c for 2-3 days until bubbles appear. Then refresh it with more flour and water after bubbles appear every day after. within a week you should have a live culture.

    Last year when I tried it I found it easier to mix the flour and water before adding to the starter, it is recommended to use as close to 1:1 of flour and water as you can when feeding the starter.

    I’m not using yeast in mine because it gives us upset tummies!! from memory I used only a few tablespoons of flour and water to add to my starter each day, this year I have made up a pretty big batch (by accident) so I’ll probably do that again or I’ll end up with a huge starter!!

    As for the rest, I’ll deal with that if the starter actually works this time!!

    hope that helps you


    Luckily I’m gluten intolerant. That means I just get nasty cellulite from it…. :laugh: So for the most part I don’t eat it. But every once in a while I get a hankering for eggs on toast. I got that hankering a few days ago and went to my local to buy a loaf. Well he rang up the price $5.60…. :jawdrop: We’re not talking posh Burgen or Lawson’s here. Just some bog standard wholemeal. Needless to say I got over my hankering pretty quickly and put the loaf back on the shelf. :whistle:

    Bread….it’s over-rated, and over-priced.


    Claraflo post=337181 wrote:

    Bread….it’s over-rated, and over-priced.

    Sacrilege! Bread (good bread that is) is the food of the gods. Nothing beats a crusty loaf. Especially sourdough…

    I make all our bread. 5 loaves a week. Sourdough. Using my 15 year old starter. Lovely. Works out at about $2 a loaf even when using top quality organic flour.

    Good bread is nothing like the stuff you buy. That horrible, soggy, pulpy white stuff in a plastic bag. Yuck. Indigestible. That’s why a lot of people thing they are allergic to wheat. Its not the wheat a lot of the time, its the revolting undercooked commercial breads…



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