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    I ran into my old boss who I worked for 5 years putting bread up on the shelves at our local supermarkets this morning

    He was going into the newagents to buy papers as he needed to find out what Goodman-fielder are up to. Rumor getting around the depot was that bread is going to be brought down in Woolies and Coles trucks along with the general food each day.

    You might not know who this comapny is it makes Helgas bread and Wonder soft, the rye continentals, Mighty soft bread, Mission wraps and country life plus a few others.

    This means instead of the bread getting into the stores the morning its baked it will be up to 24 hours old so when you pay 2 for $6 for the wonder white expecting it to be fresh it should be half price. 🙁

    To find out, look on the tag, it should be 2-4 days from todays date. to go and the number under the date is when it was made the ealry the number like 1 that was made at 9pm the night before and those normally go out for the long distance shops eg country. It used to be easy at one stage we had coloured days pink, blue and white but now all the tags are white and if you don’t check the dates you will buy older bread :jawdrop:

    This is to save money the company is charge each year by the contractors and to give the company more profits.

    Its time to talk with our walets and not buy them :tup:


    And so it goes on and on like “an ever spinning wheel”……………… :S

    :hug: :hug: :hug:


    I’t time to learn to make sourdough and make your own bread!




    havent bought bread for at least a year now. I prefer to know exactly what is in it. Bought bread, especially white, tastes a bit like soap to me.


    Haven’t bought a loaf of bread in nearly 2 years. Fred my sourdough starter is 12 years old now (older than my kids). Baked 5 loaves today. Its not that hard to switch to home made bread ( and way cheaper than shop bought too).




    Decided to be “good” and make some bread with a bread mix ……….burnt out the motor on my faithful old Kenwood mixer, didn’t it ……. $#@&^$(*^&%$ Aldi’s $2.99 mixed grain or soy and lindseed is OK for us. :shrug:


    We have not bought bread for ten years. All our bread is made in a trusty Breville Bakers Oven, using a home recipe (the store bought bread mixes are too expensive and don’t taste any better). We are on our second Breville, as we wore out the original. Have not tried sourdough, as yeast is still easy to get, but that might change when TSHTF.


    Keeping up with my own breadmaking, now my own sourdough has been one of the easiest and certainly the most rewarding project I’ve embarked on lately! Nothing beats homemade bread.

    I even made my own tortillas a few weeks ago which were very neat and SO much lower in salt than the store bought ones!!


    Bake my own bread too, kids love it n tell all their friends n teachers that mums homemade bread is the best. Tried sourdough but killed my starter, went all bluegreen mouldy on me, nasty, lol


    Heard an interview with Goodman Fielder on the radio this morning – say they are only looking at options and its ‘not on the horizon’ yet. He was claiming that the cost of freighting fresh bread each day was too much for a low cost per unit product. Apparently there has been innovation o/s which keeps bread fresher longer, with up to 10 day shelf life – and with no preservatives added. this is what they are investigating. He also claimed that the stupidmarket price wars weren’t impacting (as they make their bread too), but someone senior nationally had said that the heavy discounting was one reason.

    I don’t have time to make bread apart from the weekend – so we either don’t eat it during the week, or use whats in the freezer from our friends’ bakery.


    Wow this is awesome reading – I also heard they are looking at making bread last up to 2 weeks so you might get some really bad stuff soon….I worry so much about what is in the food we eat and would love to know how to make sourdough and the starter and things. I can hand make regular white bread but love sourdough so if someone would share with me, I would love that please

    Thanks so much



    you have to wonder what they will be putting in it, to make it last that long, they use 282 now, which is a very bad preservative, to stop it going mouldy


    Its quite funny to hear the companies blame the bread war but the bread that is marked down to $1 was only $1.20 so they took a whole 20c off the price considering they paid 40c a loaf when it comes from the bakery.

    It will give more work to the bread people in the shops and I wouldn’t touch the bread if it is over 1 day old.

    Hubby picked up some bread for a BBQ one day and in the middle it was a lovely shade of black and green It was a day over the delivery day.

    Crumpets are the same I have had them when birds have pecked the packets and they were just put up for sale as it ment sending the lot back.

    The cheaper bread instead of using oil to keep it fresh they use vinegar it does the same job but doesn’t last as long


    I went into Woolies yesterday to pick up some 99c drinks they had. And I went and talked to the girl who runs the bread department. She said it will be in the new year sometime, She will have to start work in the afternoon and the new girl who starts full time after Christmas will have to start at 4am to make the in store cakes and rolls. She said she won’t be hanging around to see it through. as a lot of regualrs are already complianing and it hasn’t even begun. She siad her work load will increase 10 fold as they will be getting rid of the girls who now put the bread up.

    Coles will be doing the same. I don’t know how Foodland will be getting their bread

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