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    Wombat wrote:

    I’m Reading – How Good Are You? – clean living in a dirt world.

    That’s on my wish list too!


    Here’s a cheap book site in the UK with free postage, even to Australia. We have placed several orders with them, usually delivered in a week or so. Their prices are better on many books than we could find in Australia.


    Tullymoor wrote:

    Kathy, I’ll loan you our copy after J’s read it, if you like? Then you can decide if you want to buy a copy for yourself :tup:

    thanks tully. that’s very generous. would love to borrow it. i will pm you with my address.




    Thanks Sprout, will take a look :tup:

    No worries Kathy.


    Forgot to add that I have “Introduction to Permaculture” by Bill Mollison and “Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture” by Rosemary Morrow beside my bed for night reading too:D

    There was an interview last night on Radio National with Rosemary Morrow….she was linking permaculture with her quaker beliefs. Very interesting and busy woman doing alot of volunteer work overseas teaching hungry, disadvantaged peoples how to grow their own food.:clap:

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Tully, Talking Books are available on cassette tape and CD. I get them from our local library. Don’t know if that’s possible for you – I guess it depends on how often you go to Alice and what the library’s terms are. Can’t imagine the library bus reaching your homestead! 😆

    You asked for blurb on books:

    Duma Key by our mate Stevie boy, I’m not far into yet, so can’t give too much other than it’s shaping up to have a bit of a supernatural bent to it.

    Phoenix is set in the North of England and main character is a female detective whose partner is murdered along with an informant. She was supposed to have been with him when he met his informant, but she was too drunk to attend the meeting. Not too far into this one either, but it’s holding my attention well.

    War of the Worlds is a classic H.G. Wells and tells the story of the invasion of Earth by the Martians. The version I have is a “musical” version which I’m not that fussed on, but the narrator is Richard Burton and frankly I could listen to him read a shopping docket and be in awe.

    Under Milkwood is a “play for voices” by Dylan Thomas. It’s set in the Welsh town of Llareggub (read it backwards!) and again, Richard Burton is the narrator.

    Brave New World is a science fiction work set in a world where babies are not born, but are created in laboratories and the world is a very consumer oriented place. The book was written in 1932, and when I first read it, in 1971 it seemed very far fetched. These days, however, it seems just around the corner.

    Hope that’s the sort of information you wanted. :wave:


    I’m trying to read some of the ‘classics’.

    I have recently read Wuthering Heights, Treasure Island and Jane Eyre. I’m about to start Pride and Prejudice (sp?).


    Lady B wrote:

    Tully, Talking Books are available on cassette tape and CD. I get them from our local library.

    You can also download them and save to CD, but you would need broadband access otherwise just toooo slow. Can’t recall the website, but can look for it if you’re interested.



    my g/son gets talking books from vision australia. (he has a sight problem & reading has been a big turn off for him after primary school knock backs he is now 15) they have sent him a new DAISY machine plays music as well as the talking books. they are posted to us but i also get books from the library and love to use it in the car and just around the house. the service is free. bev


    ps tully

    books that at out of copyright are available on the computer to but i do not know how to down load them onto a disc etc.(i am a bit of a luddite) and i find trying to read them on this computer hard that is why i like the talking books or large print from the library.

    if anyone knows how to get a 15yr old boy back to books again i would like your tips. i was told to get “real” books about how to do things etc not those silly story books. they are **** i will not use his word. the novels that the school wants read for yr9 i must agree are quite painfull. i told the teacher last year that i would not even read some of them. where or who picks these books for boys must never had a teenage boy in the house Bev


    Lady B, we have so many copies of “War of the Worlds”! (On a side note, it was interesting when DH and I first moved in together, how many of the same CD’s we had) I listen to it every few weeks 😀

    Currently I am reading “The Chronicles of Narnia”, then I have just borrowed Alanna Moore’s “Backyard Poultry, Naturally” and I have a book on inter-library loan called “Revels in Jamaica, 1682-1838” that mentions my great-great-great-grandfather, so I’m going to do some reading on him and his exploits.

    Friends keep lending me books :hug: so in the stack is Mrs Greive’s Herbal, something on children’s mental development, various weed ID books, pest control books….

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    creeker wrote:

    You can also download them and save to CD, but you would need broadband access otherwise just toooo slow. Can’t recall the website, but can look for it if you’re interested.

    I’m interested, creeker, if you are able to find it.




    Barb, this is the one I was thinking of

    but there are heaps of others, some freebies, others PAYG or subscription

    free – human-read audio books you can download.

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Thanks, Creeker, I’ll check them out.


    I bought “Choosing Eden” yesterday and am about half way through it…. I am enjoying it and will gladly borrow it out after dunmovin and rosie get to read it if they want!!

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