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    Judi BJudi B

    BlueWren wrote:

    The comfrey corner is a disaster – way too hot all day and I’m going to have to move it and find a real sun lover for that spot. Any suggestions?

    I respect that many of you don’t like cats but I enjoy the company of mine when I’m working outside.I found a nice quote this morning.

    ” My cat , friend in my toil and companion in my leisure.” I just wish he wouldn’t roll on my beetroot!

    You could try planting rosemary, aloe vera, arrowroot or lemongrass they don’t mind the heat.

    As for cats I really hate them :@ I have them jumping over the fence and landing on seedlings or using the vegie garden as a toilet, I guess it isn’t the cats fault but stupid owners that either get sick of the cat and dump it or others that think it is cruel to lock them up at night.


    Yes Judi. agreed, you and many people have very valid reasons for disliking cats, but as you say it’s not really ever the cats’ fault, usually their owners. My cat is always locked up at night, for his own protection, as well as that of wild life. I don’t want to make this a for or against cats thread , it was just a mention of a part of my life I enjoy in connection with my garden. Subject closed, OK?

    Thanks both of you for the sunny spot suggestions. I gave the comfrey a big drink and it was perky again by this evening and I have decided where its permanent spot will be.One of tomorrow’s tasks.


    Oh BlueWren, I am so glad the pigeon peas survived. They will provide you with many meals as they take off and protection from sun and wind as they grow. Thank you for thinking of me and helping me to feel a little joy at the thought of those pigeon peas surviving the storm …

    My zucchinis have also been swiveled and half ripped out. Let me know how yours go with surviving and what you do to help them along.

    I agree – rosemary for the sunny spot?

    And I too am a cat lover. I never used to be but my cat converted me. And now that I have the house to myself, I enjoy his company even more. I love that saying … My old boy follows me around when I’m in the garden and at night, he comes inside to sleep in my (or is it his) bed. Fortunately, my old boy doesn’t roll in the beetroot – but I wish he’d bury his poops a bit better 😉


    Herby, the pp seedlings look so small in their big patch of mulch, the book said to give them a 1 metre circle each , so I’m hoping they are quick growers!! So far the swivelled zuchs look fine. If it looked as though I could gently rotate them back I did, because I want to choose to some degree in which direction they take off !! , and then I just firmed up their mounds and put soil, compost and mulch over roots that were showing.

    Glad your cat is providing some company.Thankfully my Manu boy digs massively deep holes for all his “business” and is a meticulous cover-upperer! (That is such a neat habit of cats.Does any other animal do that? ) So I forgive some of his rolling indiscretions but I did have to turn the hose on him recently. He unrolled very quickly and gave me the ” How could you?” stare.:D


    My garden friend, Manu.


    There are many pleasant surprises in chook rotation sites! Today in the zucchini site I noticed a couple of sturdy corn plants coming up amongst the self seeded wheat and sunflowers , all from chook “leftovers”.There’s space left in that bed so I will put in more corn seeds to get a block of plants for good pollination. There’s a nice self seeded bush bean come up in that site too – all the beans have tiny beans on now. I don’t know yet what another ”self seeded” is – mini pumpkin, cucumber or zucchini? A cucumber will be a problem because it will want somewhere to climb! I’m going to encourage my “official” cucumbers to climb up some netting around one of the ancient apricot trees.

    I have found a space for nearly all my seedlings. Due to the rain hold up some were long overdue planting out and not looking their best but hopefully they will come good given some TLC. The comfrey has been rehomed, rue and wormwood looking good in their spots outside the central herb garden , which is filling out nicely. The feverfew is especially happy in its spot – got that one right! I have supported the wind flattened sunflowers and tomatoes in groups around bamboo stakes – practical rather than pretty.The remaining pigeon pea seedlings I am going to plant around the back edges of all the sites for chook feed next time around.

    There are two sites still unplanted.The one the chooks are on now, and the other they have been on already but the dome will need to travel over that site to reach the chooks’ free range area.They should be long off the mandela by now but again the rain held up the fence building to the large free range run.At least with two broodys out of the dome the others have more room. One crazy bird has taken to laying an egg almost at sunset in the dust bath area instead of in the nest box.She’s not popular if I have already secured everything for the night.

    Now a pic to finish the day……. Manu taking his “friendship” role very seriously.


    Another very fast 27ml of rain last evening in a storm , just after I had Sea Solled every plant I own, so goodness knows where all the SS finished up. Done the big daily task this am – apricot kernels/chewed fruit bits sweep and pick up – bats!! :@ Massive apricots crop on large ancient trees that usually only have a few……….just wish 500 bats would move in one night and finish the job. Apparently bat poo is good for gardens ……….but don’t fancy it on the veg………..although none are at harvest size yet.

    The beets, carrot and shallot seeds are germinating well in the guild bed so now I can weed the rest. Just waiting for the parsley to germinate, which takes a month. Thousands of heliotrope seeds germinating – how I HATE that plant! :@ The “cupboard sprouting” potatoes are all showing leaf and growing fast. The bush beans haven’t poked through yet – being slow.

    I read recently that tomatoes don’t like apricots ……………. :jawdrop: I have dozens of tom plants under the apricot trees so they are just going to have to learn to get along.


    Bluewren i didn’t know that Apricot and Tomatoes don’t like each other, i have heard Tomatoes and Potatoes don’t like each other, but then i heard yesterday that an older gentleman grows Potatoes under his Tomatoes and they go really really well, and have bumper crops on both:shrug::lol:


    pumpkins and potatoes aren’t supposed to like each other either, I have no problem :shrug:


    All very interesting! I guess it’s a case of try it and see what happens at your place ,with some of the more controversial/unusual combinations. I found the tomato/apricots dislike in the companion planting spread from Sustainable Gardening Australia.Useful summary for starters , then I guess see what works/doesn’t work from experience.If my toms curl up and die, or don’t set fruit , I’ll let you know. Then what do I do? Cut the tree down, put a pond there instead, and solve the bat problem for ever , or grow the toms elsewhere? Did someone say “Living Simply”? Gets more and more complicated actually ……………:D .


    all i know is that tomatoes and potatoes come from the same family and that you shouldn’t plant them in succession – one year toms, one year potatoes, because that’ll encourage ‘family diseases’

    atm i have beans and garlic growing in the same bed – some a little too close for comfort :confused: i can’t pull out the garlic because they’re only a few more months away from being pulled and the beans .. well.. this is technically THEIR bed, because we’re crop rotation. i just can’t believe i put in the garlic not thinking about it when i did! *bangs head on wall*


    How cute is your cat! 😀


    Been busy busy in the mandela.The chooks are off the last site and in chooky heaven in their new large free range area.I let them out for half an hour just before dusk and it was funny watching them peering out of the open door at the big world now available to them.It took them a while to venture out and Shakira Sussex never did.Everyone was back inside and roosting by bedtime.Will give them a bit longer out today.Don’t like the way Mr Clogs was eyeing off a big old fence post so some chicken mesh will be going around that!

    Veg in the mandela are going well on the whole, potatoes flying along and I think will smother the leeks.Is it OK to prune a few leaves off the potatoes on one side? The eggplants are being eaten badly by some critta.Not too bothered if I lose them.None of the beans germinated so I have planted more seeds.Carrot, beetroot, shallots and parsley all germinating well.Left over seedlings I have dotted round the other mandela sites among the self seeded grains and sunflowers.First sunflower bloom has opened.Have put in lots more corn, and cucumbers are headed up another old apricot tree , with nasturtiums which are reputed to deter cucumber beetle.I have put several new herbs in the central site and others around the outside of the mandela sites.Strawberries in pots on a post and in an old wheelbarrow are flourishing.Fortunately the bats seem to have eaten their fill of the green apricots although there are still heaps left on the tree.Sweeping up the kernels and bits of fruit and hosing off the paths every morning was a real pain.

    And harvesting? Oak leaf lettuce and bush beans – yum! All the months of hard work is beginning to pay off.Pics soon.


    Oh, the irony of it! I was away in WA for three weeks and looking forward to returning to my mandela beds.So what happens? All the chook poo, horse manure and watering etc seemed to have reinvigorated the normally fruitless old apricot tree in the centre, which this year was smothered in fruit. So smothered that even after the bats had tucked in it all became too much, and the day before we returned the tree split in half from the weight.:( Half a tree falling on top is not good for two metre tall sunflowers, plus zucchinis,tomatoes, corn and nasturtiums. Another branch was hovering much lower over the guild veg bed so DH and I lopped most of it off before it too split off the tree.So my tidy mandela is a mess of broken branches and rotting fruit which will take me days to clear up once this rain stops.However ,I read a post on here from someone whose veg garden, and potentially home as well, was being completely flooded so I don’t have much to complain about.I was planning to get someone who knows what they are doing to thin out that tree after our return as I think it was giving too much shade.

    On the upside the potatoes in the guild bed are going gangbusters and are tending to crowd out the leeks and beans.Cabbages would have been much better if the house sitters had picked off the caterpillars but with five broody hens and umpteen chicks to care for I don’t blame them one bit.They did a wonderful job with everything while we were away.Let me know if you need good sitters anytime, lovely couple.

    Now, I wonder if I can manage pics on this new site!Will do a separate post I think.


    Having a go at pics of the damage.

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