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Blue egg at last

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    mt benmt ben

    Yipppeeeee, I got my first blue egg from one of my Araucana hens.

    The whole lot have been off the lay for ages while they moulted and generally slacked off. This week 2 Bantam Wyandottes stated laying and now one of the Araucanas.

    Free eggs again.:tup:


    :metal: Nice one :metal: We get one egg a day at the moment from about 50 hens :jawdrop:




    I have some Araucana hens that are looking for a mate if any one knows where i can find a rooster in NE Vic of this breed i would be greatful, my girls would be happy as they are getting on in age and just go clucky at the drop of a hat, to have those eggs hatch would make their day.


    mumof6, PM humbug, she breeds them in several colours. :tup:

    Click on her profile, she has a website too. 😀


    Hey mum of 6 there are a few others in this area keen for some of humbugs girls (or boys) if you are going to tee something up let me know maybe we cna co-ordinate 1 person to do pickup. I’, going down humbug’s way a couple of times in the next 6 weeks


    Tully! that’s pretty rude of the freeloaders!


    ha ha mumof6

    glad to hear they are still around :tup:

    I wondered if they were still alive.

    ps the quince jelly did not work, but I have a jar of quince jam set aside for you

    pps how was the pork?


    hay baringa

    The Pork was very nice;), the last batch i made also didnt set (quince jelly) but was very nice on icecream. i put the pulp through a sive to remove skin and seeds then added sugar and boiled it down to make quince paste that lasted about a day:D

    Hay Margo I would be interested my brother is in melb at moment could go see him and pick up some chooks:D


    Hi Mumof6 and Margo

    I have found a woman in Tallangatta who breeds Araucanas. PM me and I will send you the details. I had sourced some unsexed chicks and am pretty sure I have ended up with 2 hens and a rooster but they are still quite young and am not quite 100% sure. Lovely chookies:tup:!!


    Hummer HumbugHummer

    Good one weaver :tup: Would you mind pming me that lady’s details please ? I often get asked if I know of anywhere else people can get araucana’s.

    It’s nice to be able to give people closer options 🙂


    I was telling someone today about driving to Humbug to buy a rooster (araucana) and they said dont be silly i have 4 at home I am fatting up for eating you can have one of my boys, this person is in Yackandandha I sat there stuned and said since when have you had these his reply for a very long time!! I will be pming Humbug and regretfully withdraw my request for a rooster;) but thanks for those who have help me to find some.

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    That is fine mumof6, its good that you found one a lot closer to home! Goodluck with your new roo :tup:


    mt ben – I can now share your enjoyment. Coco, our only Araucana laid her first egg today, a tiny, bluey green effort weighing all of 35 grams. I presume her eggs will get a little bit bigger going forward.:|



    😆 at Tully. My chooks were like that – they’ve had got a roster going then on who to lay when. Now they’re in competition on who’s the top layer! I am getting 3 to 4 eggs per day out of 4 chooks (with one on side-bench due to her leg issues).

    How exciting for you mtben… I’ve never seen blue egg. I only have those plum-brown coloured eggs along with usual cream coloured eggs.

    Plan to eat it or hatch it again?

    Cheers! :hug:

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