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    Ouch:(. I hope it feel better soon. That sounds nasty.:hug: I am so glad it didn’t do any more damage even though 10% is more than enough.

    It also answers a question I had when I was little, as my grandmother wouldn’t go in the chicken coop without grandads safety goggles on…now I know why. They obviously had one or more of your vicious breed jumping chooks:jawdrop:.


    :hug: Ouch! :awch:

    Hope you’ll recover quickly and get back into gardening sooner.

    Wear sunglasses as much as you can! Considered yourself lucky its only a peck whereas my sister’s partner had to be hospitalised getting eye operated on to remove the flying bits from concrete or brick a few years ago. Took him about 3 months to recover his eyesight. And what’s worse – he’s deaf so need his eyesight to communicate/see! 😐

    Cheers! :hug:




    I feel for you,:hug: hope it heals fast.:hug::hug:


    OUCH :hug::hug::hug: Hope it is better soon. I hope you recover the vision soon.


    speedy recovery, mine jump up to try and get at the food scraps when I go into their pen to feed them.


    Aww there you are KM, haven’t seen you in aaaaggess. Wow bloody dangerous animals chooks, aren’t they? I hope you recover fully pet :hug::kiss1:


    Ow! :awch: (thought the “black eye” smiley was quite appropriate here… 😆 But that’s my evil sense of humour!)

    Hope you’re feeling better and it heals up quick smart, Rhonda. Glad your boss is understanding, that makes a bit difference.

    Darls, how isolating that must have been for your BIL all that time while he couldn’t see. Gee, we take these things for granted, don’t we?


    OMG thats awful! :jawdrop:

    I hope you feel better soon and your eye heals quickly.

    I’m feeling a bit stunned now thinking of one of our chooks, my 4 y.o. son picked her up recently (nothing new) and she pecked right at the outside corner of his eye (which was new behaviour). I feel so lucky he didn’t get any worse injury ……

    Seriously, thanks for the warning, I think I will stop the kids picking them up, our ‘pecker’ Lady at least :uhoh:


    Yes Mountainmum I am glad it was me and not one of my step Grandbabies I would never forgive myself.

    DavesGang guess Nanas know best even if it does look odd.

    Strangely enough I am a little frightened to go to the chook pen ATM. Maybe just after shock but I can’t even let Roly (Galah) on my shoulder and he can’t work out why I am not snuggling him like I used to.





    :hug: Hope our sight comes back good soon :hug:

    What breed?


    The same thing happened to my partner – he sat down on the grass at the end of the afternoon (with his beer), went to pat one of the chooks and another one pecked his eye! Well, the wailing and thrashing and screaming and yelling! I knew he was in pain – he has a high threshold! Still managed to not spill his beer through it all though.

    His eye ended up red for a few days, but no vision loss. And it took him a few days to brave hanging out with us and the chookies again. They should come with a warning, shouldn’t they???? 🙂

    fluffy chook

    Geez – hope you get your sight back, kimmysmum:o

    You’ve got to be careful with those chooks!!! I had some water splash from the chook’s water dish and ended up with an eye infection. The Dr went into major panic and rang an eye specialist while I was in the surgery! Anyway good ol’ antibiotics fixed it up:D


    Crazy Bucket Lady wrote:

    Well, the wailing and thrashing and screaming and yelling! I knew he was in pain – he has a high threshold! Still managed to not spill his beer through it all though.

    Nice to see a man who has his priorities straight!:lol::lol::lol: (sorry, off topic, I know :shy: )

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