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    The more I read about self sufficiency, and living in a sustainable manner, and meet others who are on this path of living, I find my self more and more, felling like a little kid in a shop, saying “I want this…” “I want that….”

    Only it isn’t a consumerist “I want the latest and biggest TV/Car/House/some useless item” its more along the lines of:

    I want to be able to pick fresh tasty veggies for tea straight out of the garden.

    I want chooks, I want to go and collect their fresh eggs.

    I want to make my own compost, (I want chook poo to put in my compost!!)

    I want to breed and be responsible for my own meat.

    I want to generate all the electricity we need and not rely on the grid power.

    Reading Bels comment in another thread confirmed that I am not the only one with this “problem”

    Bel post=359326 wrote:

    For me, living simply was something that evolved, not something I set out to achieve. Originally, I just wanted to grow a few veggies because I liked gardening, not because they were healthier/cheaper/better for me/better for the earth. From there, I wanted chickens – again, because I like chickens and also because they provide eggs and poo. From there, my dreams and ambitions grew and grew and a lot of inspiration was provided from this site when I came here looking for a solution to bugs in my strawberries. If I hadn’t started with a few veggies, I wouldn’t have been looking in the first place and would likely have no idea about ‘living simply’.

    Who else has this “problem” and would like to share?


    I WANT it all too, Vanessa …

    but, sadly, I’ll have to wait. Currently living in a unit in city environs until my house is built.

    Until then, I’ll just have to be patient.



    besides wanting to pay the mortgage off, Im think Im happy with what I have

    Oh besides I do want a grape vine in the backyard,

    Im happy pottering around in the vegie garden, happy with the chookens I have


    Andre post=359604 wrote: I WANT it all too, Vanessa …

    but, sadly, I’ll have to wait. Currently living in a unit in city environs until my house is built.

    Until then, I’ll just have to be patient.


    I WANT to know how to keep being patient without going insane :shrug: :blink:


    dianne post=359614 wrote:

    I WANT to know how to keep being patient without going insane :shrug: :blink:

    And if you can do that, tell me how! 😛 😆

    I WANT the mortgage gone and I WANT the home improvements finished and I WANT my garden finished.

    (And I want the money to accomplish all three at once but that ain’t happening… :pinch: )


    Ah…it is a problem isn’t it. Patience is a virtue they say….but the sand is running through my hourglass seemingly faster each year.

    I have formulated a list….I put everything on it, even little things, along with projects/jobs for me to do. Love putting a line through each one when it happens or is achieved. Trouble is that list just never ends 🙂

    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    I want to have a grapevine!


    Hi, I’m David and I am an addict too.

    Almost there.

    Mortage …gone,

    Land …paid for


    Sheep .. fattening nicely

    Power .. solar installed

    veg garden …. on hold til I can get more water.

    house …plans into council … building this year


    Yep, Vanessa, VERY guilty of want, want, wanting more. I too wish I could pay off the mortgage and spend more time on the farm doing the things that count. I blame ALS lol!

    Dave – well done on being so far progressed on your simple living journey!


    There seem to be a couple different groups. I am an avid study of human behaviour 🙂 This is not about right/wrong, just an observation.

    One group have undertaken to be some what sustainable and try and transition to living lightly on the land and

    another group that are living minimally through circumstance of some sort ie don’t have access to money to buy “stuff” that they would, if they could. You can see the difference in the types of posts.

    Living simply is of course, subjective. One persons perceived “living simply” can be anothers rampant consumerism. I remember someone commenting once they loved going to Bunnings because of all the “stuff” (not having a dig at them just showing a point), while I find that behaviour inexplicable, visiting that place is like visiting the seven levels of Hell. I don’t call going into Bunnings and buying a pre fab’d chook house imported from China then buying pullets from a factory farm particularly ethical for example, in fact I find it enables the same economic destruction I rail against 🙂 Now, a chook house made out of wattle and daub, mud brick, or recycled iron and timber coppiced sustainably and you have my attention 🙂

    I am in complete admiration of guys like Le Loup doing it ye old school, sadly, I have nearly zero manual skills but I do use my Adze and even recently acquired a Draw Knife and would love to try a treadle lathe to see if it can cope with our timber.

    Having spent time living in Cambodia, I saw really simple living and that kind of made me re-define things somewhat but we’re all mostly products of our experiences.

    Of course there are many subsets of those two. ie in the first, you will have some that have 2 cars, both partners working, all sorts of mod cons but may have a veggie garden or something and some doing the ultra simple lifestyle more reminiscent of Henry David Throeau’s Walden period.

    My point, what is it you want ? Be aware when coming into “living sustainable”, some tread more heavily on the land then the used to. We have friends who commute 100’s of km each day for work in two cars and on the weekends take the kids 100s of km’s for activities, fly for holidays, have a dog that eats meat from who knows where but say they live sustainably because the have a small veggie garden, a couple fruit trees and a rain water tank… wtf ??? being “sustainable” or even close to it is virtually impossible for most Australians (myself included) in my opinion. We (citizens of developed nations) are the planet eaters.

    My post was not to deride anyone by the way just observations having been doing this for more than 4 years now. Spending some time really thinking about the end game can be time well spent

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