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    I just go hit with a massive energy bill and i am looking for ways to cut my energy bills, looking for tips please.


    What do you think caused your spike?
    We generally use 3-4 kWh a day, all new appliances, as in less than 4years old, put if I’d had a spike I’d order a readout from the electricity provider, which looks like a crazy mess of incoherent numbers… But it would give a clue to the time of day the increase occurred, obviously try to arrow it down to a specific activity or appliance.


    Has anything changed ?…………………I have solar PV and Solar Hot water,LED lights everywhere,all appliances have the highest energy ratings,I also have powerboards with a switch on TV and computers so I can turn them off and not have them on stand by……My power bill is about $200 a quarter ,,,,but I have 4 fridges and a deep freezer going

    Andrew HobbsPardalote

    You haven’t provided any detail. Is this a one off or are all your bills high. And what is high? Do you mean electricity or gas? I assume electricity.
    There are a lot of measures you can take but it really depends upon what base you are moving from. Is it 5 kWHr per day (in which case you are going to need to really examine every small saving) or is it 50 kWHr per day in which case a few ‘simple’ measures could halve your usage.
    Answers to some questions such as do you use electricity or gas for hot water; is your home insulated; what sort of appliances do you use regularly etc, would be useful.


    You can buy electricity meters to test how much electricity appliances are using. You plug them into the wall and plug the appliance into them and they tell you how it costs to run per hour/day/week/year.

    We had a similar issue a few years ago, I used the meter and worked out that our pump was broken. It was turning on and off constantly and using horrendous amounts of energy.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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